Best High Top Soccer Cleats

Do you like playing soccer?

If you do, then there is one prerequisite you probably already know; you must have the right soccer cleats. It is required to have the proper shoes for playing the game if you really want to enjoy it and even get better at it. For instance, you cannot use regular running shoes for playing soccer. Neither can you use American Football shoes for playing soccer. Speaking of which, here is a helpful post on Livestrong that cites the difference between American Football and Soccer Cleats.

Soccer shoes do come in different designs as well. Some cleats come with a high top, which is our today’s topic of discussion. How do you pick the right best high top soccer cleats, and which are the best selections out there?

Best High Top Soccer Cleats Buying Guide

Before you step out to look for the best high top soccer cleats, you need to have an idea of how to choose the right pair. What criteria should you follow when choosing, and how will you know if they will last? To answer those questions for you, here is a guide to finding the right pair of high top soccer cleats.

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The Material

Soccer shoes are usually made of synthetic leather or pure leather materials. With synthetic leather, they tend to be less durable than real leather, but they are more favorable to use in damp conditions. On the other hand, leather shoes are flexible, durable, non-chafing, but they are susceptible to use in wet conditions. Furthermore, real leather shoes are more expensive than synthetic cleats. Just ensure you pick the shoes according to your needs.


You should pick a pair of cleats that will fit you perfectly. Here is where you need to consider the size of the shoes in relation to your feet size. However, the best way to know if the shoes fit you well is to wear them before you decide to buy them. The only problem is if you are buying from an online store. When buying on an online store, shop from a reputable store that has a return policy.


Obviously, you will be playing in the field for over 45 minutes before you take a rest. For that, make sure you buy shoes that are not only fitting but as comfortable as possible. Consider the cushioning all around the shoes, but especially around the heels and instep areas.

 Type of feet

One fact you should keep in mind is that the shoe you pick should go well with the type of your feet. Some people have wide feet, others have flat feet, while most will have normal-arch feet. But which type are you? Whichever it is, make sure you pick the right shoes for your feet. Luckily, there is a post to help you make the right choice based on your foot type.

Consider your budget

Even with the best features, the soccer shoes might not be of any help to you if you cannot afford them. That is why you need to consider the shoes based on how much you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind that the highest-priced shoes are not always the best quality. On the other hand, remember that cheap is expensive. So be wise when making this choice.

Now you would ask, what makes the high top soccer cleats different from other cleats? I’ll tell you why. It’s because the high top helps to cover your ankles and prevent unnecessary injuries. However, don’t go for the Hi-Top cleats used by the linesmen. Check this post by Foot Gear92 to learn more about the difference.

Don’t forget to consider the brand, as well as the retailer of the shoe. Pick them from the right store if you want to get the authentic shoes. 

So there you go. That is how you choose the right soccer shoes. But which are the best high top soccer cleats out there? Let’s have a look at five of them.

1. Nike Mercurial Superfly V Firm Ground

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


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Our first pick is the amazing Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG. These cleats have been designed to let you reach your best speed while still delivering your striking skills. They come with a unique external design that enhances ball handling. The Superfly V FG is made with the latest Nike technology. It comes with a tridimensional shoe plate that allows you to maximize your skills and explore the functionality without adding bulk to it.

It also features the All Conditions Control technology that improves the contract quality between the ball and the shoes. In other words, you can use these cleats in any weather condition without losing the ball control. These shoes come with a sock liner that is contoured and perforated – it helps to enhance comfort by offering proper cushioning that reduces the stud pressure. Furthermore, it has a rubber sole that enhances the grip on any surface.

  • Delivers an amazing touch
  • It has a vapor traction cleat system
  • It is made of a carbon-fiber plate that is strong and durable enough
  • Soccer cleats can be used in both wet and dry conditions
  • You can move at your highest speed without losing ball control
  • They are lightweight but strong and quite durable
  • You will have to cough more than $150 for a pair of these shoes. Some can even go for $300. {though they are worth every dollar}
  • The sock material might not be as strong as such
  • The shoes might be too tight if you have wide feet

2. Nike Mercurial Victory VI Dynamic Fit FG

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


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The Mercurial Victory VI DG FG by Nike is another great choice if you want high top soccer shoes that deliver accordingly. They come with a stud pattern that offers traction on any surface. Do you know what that means? You can play with these shoes on any surface without sliding. Also, the design and technology used let you move at the highest speed while still delivering impressive skills. The best part is that you can play freely without worrying about causing injuries to your ankles.

They fit like a pair of socks, and you will also enjoy a uniform transition from the ankles to the cleats. Typically, you will feel like a foot extension when you wear these shoes. One thing I loved about them is that they come with a micro-textured synthetic upper that has embossed ridges. How does that help you? It will hug your feet and offer an amazing feeling when you are controlling the ball. In the long run, you will make some soft and accurate touches when playing. The soleplate has been optimized to offer traction and enhance your speed.

So if you are a speedster that wants to maintain a solid performance on the pitch, these should be the right cleats for you.

  • They fit comfortably around the ankles
  • The shoes come at a friendlier price compared to similar cleats
  • They can be used on different surfaces
  • The synthetic upper hugs comfortably on your instep area
  • The toe box might be too narrow for wide-foot players

3. Adidas Nemeziz 17 + 360 Agility

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


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You might argue that these are not high top soccer cleats, but they do have a raised collar to protect the ankles. That is why I picked them among the best high top soccer cleats. Furthermore, I think these are the best boots for players that are more skillful on the pitch. If you are a pro at riding tackles or you shift quickly and sprint at a high speed, these shoes should serve you well.

Do you want to know why I’m saying so? Well, the King of Soccer Leonel Messi {or is he?} wears them in his games. Roberto Firmino, the Liverpool striker, also wears the Nemeziz. If these professional players can wear them, it means that the shoes worth purchasing if you want to experience a difference in your game.

Anyway, they come with a unique design to enhance comfort and maximize the performance of the player. The design is inspired by how boxers tape their hands when they want protection and proper support. You can call it an Agility Bandage, which comes with Torsion Tapes that lock down the feet to prevent injuries and dislocations. There’s also a dual lock collar, which offers support to the ankle when you make a quick turn.

It comes with Torsion Ribs that lets you move fast while still offering enough support to your feet.

  • They have been designed to offer enough support to the feet
  • They protect your feet from injuries when making quick turns
  • Soccer cleats offer agile players enough flexibility
  • The price ca be quite high
  • It doesn’t have such a high collar, but it still offers enough ankle protection.

4. Nike Hypervernom 3 Tech Craft

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


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Do you want to be a Ronaldo, Lewandoski, Messi, Harry Kane, or even Luiz Suarez? By the way, I’m talking about some of the best finishers in Europe. So, do you want to be like one of them? A good pair of cleats like the Hypervernom 3 TechCraft can help you with that. These shoes have been designed to deliver precise touches and lethal finishes. The cleats feature some elements like the FlyKnit upper construction, which responds well to soft touches.

The single-piece Flyknit design also features Flywire cables that offer an adaptive lockdown. The shoes also have an angled Dynamic Fit collar that comes with a customized shape to contour to your ankles. You will not experience pressure on the heels even when you wear the shoes for a long time.

One thing that made us pick these shoes is that they will transform into a springboard when you want to take a shot. In other words, they help you deliver a strong and precise shot. It also features a dual-collar, as well as a Hyperactive Plate that offers flexibility to the forefoot when you are dribbling past players. Even when you make a quick cut, the boots will keep your ankles and feet protected while delivering an accurate ball control.

They come with the iconic embossed Alegria leather that offers the ACC. It is suitable to play on both wet and dry conditions.

  • The shoes come with Flyknit structure to enhance the fit and comfort
  • They’ve been designed for precise finishes
  • The cleats have a countered upper that enhances the ball control
  • They have an all-weather design
  • The chevron and hexagon studs let you cut and change direction quickly while maintaining balance.
  • They may not be suitable for defenders
  • They are somewhat costly
  • The toe box might be narrow for wide foot players

5. Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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These are a good choice for a striker, especially because they have been designed to optimize the ball control and shot speed on low grass. What we loved about the shoes is that they come with a skin-like design that is matched with high stretching, comfort, breathability, and support. They also feature the ACC {we mentioned this under the Superfly review}.

These shoes feature a Hyperactive Plate that enhances the flexibility of the forefoot. In other words, you can easily turn, twist, and cut in any direction without any limitation. That is why we say it is a good choice for a striker. When you have these shoes, you can dribble past players and sprint at a high speed without losing the ball control.

The unique Hyperactive Texture is one of the features that make these shoes a top-choice. This design enhances the contact between the ball and the surface of the shoes. This will then improve the traction and generate a better striking power. Furthermore, it will enhance those finesse shots.

  • They are made with the ACC technology {you can use it in different weather conditions}
  • The shoes are synthetic built
  • They are lightweight and strong enough
  • They come with a dynamic fit collar
  • These cleats offer better ball control and shot power
  • You can use them in low grass without any problem
  • They are expensive

So, which are your preferred shoes?

The choice of high top soccer cleats you make will also depend on your position in the field. Are you a striker, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper? I know it might challenge you to decide which pair of soccer shoes you should pick based on your position.

Now, have you made up your mind on which best high top soccer cleats you will buy? Don’t be left behind, but make sure you choose the right pair.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this buying guide. I love playing soccer, and that’s why I find this article helpful. Two years ago, I bought the Adidas Nemeziz 17. However, they are already worn out, and I need a new pair of a different brand. This time around, I’ll go for your first pick, Nike Mercurial Superfly V Firm Ground. I like the boots because they are light.

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