TOP 5 Best Goalkeeper Gloves [2022]

Today, we’re going to take a look at the top 5 best goalkeeper gloves of 2022. And I know what you might be thinking, “You’re not a goalkeeper, are you?” And true, I’m not. And so, I sat down with a bunch of my friends who are goalkeepers and we took a look at some of the best goalie gloves that you can get on the market right now.

Now, keep in mind that of course goalkeeper gloves are very, very personal. And also, there might be a lot of the smaller specialist brand out there who makes gloves that are better than the ones on the list. And also, more importantly, more perfect for you. But then again, I can guarantee you that you’re going to get a lot of bang for the buck no matter what with the gloves on the list.

So let’s get to it.

1. Uhlsport Tensiongreen Supergrip

Uhlsport Tensiongreen Supergrip - Beast goalkeeper gloves

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We’re moving straight into number 1 which is the Uhlsport Tensiongreen Supergrip. The best goalie gloves and it’s also going to be worth every single cent. And it is so because you’re getting really nice tight fitting glove if you’re into that sort of thing. And of course the fantastic Supergrip latex that’s going to perform excellently both in the dry and in the wet if you remember to wash it right.

But you’re a keeper, you know this stuff, right? Good.

Now, we could have gone even tighter with the reflex cut which some people might like even more but I feel that we’ve got some pretty solid middle ground here with the flat cut on the palm and the negative cut on the sides that keeps the glove relatively close to your fingers. But you also get a great catching surface, if you want to call it that, because of the flat cut and the fact that just like on the SPEED UP – Uhlsport roll latex around the pinky fingers and the index fingers and of course the thumb. And with the latex being just right up there among the best latexes on the market and the neoprene backhand being extremely flexible and comfortable, well, I don’t really have much to say about this glove apart from the fact that if I was a keeper, this is the one I would be going for.

Top class. Supergrip. What can you say?

2. Reusch Supreme G3 Fusion

Reusch Supreme G3 Fusion

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Now, 2nd place goes out to the Reusch Supreme G3 Fusion. Now, this glove right here is a slightly roomy glove which makes it good if you’re a guy with relatively big hands. And the latex is as expected from Reusch, top-notch. It might not be as grippy or as tacky as the Supergrip latex from Uhlsport or the latex from Adidas but the durability is a little bit better and the glove performs extremely well in the wet because of these wet little weather granulates that are blue on the palm of the latex.

Brilliant all-weather glove, solid latex as you would expect.

But the thing I like the most is actually – blue rolled expanse cut. There is the fact that the lace has been rolled around the thumb and the pinky. But the best thing is these enlarging fingertips where you kind of feel like the handling surface is a little bit bigger and like actually there is a piece of extra finger added to your hand. It’s a pretty fun sensation. There’s also this debossed line that makes the mobility of the glove relatively good. And finally, I like the Duraloop. It’s basically a pull tap made out of latex that adds latex to the entire wrist area. Also, it works as an abrasion zone in some of the areas where the gloves usually suffer.

All around solid performance from Reusch and very, very good goalkeeper gloves, I got to say.

3. Uhlsport SPEED UP Supergrip Bionik+

Uhlsport SPEED UP Super Grip

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*We’ve upgraded our recommendation to the Uhlsport Radar Control Supergrip*

Now 3rd place, we have Uhlsport SPEED UP Super grip Bionik+ Flat Cut. It’s a long name and it’s also one of the best match gloves from the big brands on the market. This is a glove with a very solid balance between an interesting pleasant cushion fit, a lovely comfortable backhand that’s made out of mesh and then there’s the grip which is one of the best grips on the market. Because of this Supergrip latex that Uhlsport makes. And if you wash it wet, you’re going to get both top bracket grip that’s seriously impressive and durability. So, it’s going to last you at least a season where the grippiness actually stays more or less intact.

So keep it right and then combine it with this solid backhand and a solid amount of finger space and you get top-level comfort, you get security from the solid strap, and of course – grip for days.

So if you can live with a slightly higher price tag, this is absolutely worth your money.

4. Adidas Predator Trans Pro

Adidas Predator Trans Pro

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Now, in 4th, the Adidas Predator Trans Pro jumps into the mix with its absolutely amazing tight fit and a very, very comfortable Primeknit backhand that offers a really good, very personal fit. The strap here is solid. It’s very nice for adjustment and also offers a good amount of stability around the wrist part. And then there is latex which I would say is absolutely first class when it comes to grippiness after you washed it.

Unfortunately, though, you can’t say that about the durability of the latex and the grippiness itself. It isn’t as good as some of the other top gloves on the list. But with that tight fit from the backhand and the negative cut in mind, this is absolutely one of the best gloves out there.

Absolutely solid.

5. Sells Total Contact Elite

Sells Total Contact Elite

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We’ve got number 5 which is the Sells Total Contact Elite, which is a straight-up no-nonsense glove. That’s just a solid performer. And you got here is a nice padded glove because of the memory foam that sits on the inside. And then of course you’ve got Sells’ absolute latex that really excels in the wet.

Then you also got this interesting hybrid cut that really has a roll finger cut on the top of the finger, you’ve got a flat cut on the middle part of the finger, and then negative cut on the side which means that the glove gives you a nice big large handling area. But at the same time isn’t overly chunky around your finger either. Which kind of was the case with some of the older roll finger gloves from Sells. Now, after that, a solid wrist wrap and cuff and a decent backhand and you’ve got a glove that simply just delivers.

Which Goalie Gloves are the BEST?

So there you go, guys. Some of the best goalkeeper gloves on the market in 2018 from the big brands. And I say the ‘big brands’ because I do realize that there are a lot of smaller specialist brands out there that also made great, great gloves which means that now I’m calling out to you, the goalkeepers, the guys who have the hands-on experience with all other gloves out there right now. Let me know what your absolute favorite glove is at the moment in the comment section right down below. Who knows? You might get a good idea or two if you read the suggestions from the other keeps. Now, of course, if you also need a new pair of gloves, you can go and pick up all of these for yourself right over there on the links because you kind of deserve it.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves Buying Guide

When your team is looking to you to save the game, you want to make sure that you are in the best possible condition and armed with the best quality equipment. For the soccer goalie, this means a combination of wits, speed, and proper gloves. The most important part of the goalie defense can almost always be found on their hands.

What to Look For in a Pair of Goalie Gloves

When looking at goalkeeping gloves for either yourself or your child you want to make sure that you are choosing the most protective and effective pair available. Not only can the right glove make the difference in an important game but can also serve as important pieces of protective equipment.

Goalkeeping gloves are much more than just simple gloves. They are constructed with four separate but equally important sections that help to secure and protect your hands from the harsh impacts that a goalie can sustain.

In a good pair of gloves, the backhand section will be fully padded and may also include a latex cushion to protect the hands when punching or deflecting the ball. If you are looking at a pair of gloves that has only one layer of padding on the backhand you may want to keep browsing as that is rarely enough protection to prevent bruising of the hand.

The fingers are part of the best defense that a goalkeeper has. They need to be flexible while staying fully protected. Look for flexible but firm spines that are fitted into the finger sleeves that will keep the material tight and prevent any hyperextension of the fingers due to force. Whether you choose an overall loose fit or something tighter it is important to have proper spine splint protection to shield you from breaks and sprains.

The palm of your glove can either be smooth or dimpled. The smooth glove is outfitted with a specific adhesive coating that helps with the gripping and catching of the ball. This coating will eventually wear off during use so it is recommended that smooth gloves are saved for game use only. The dimpled palm surface is designed to give a better grip on the ball as well. This design is much more rugged and durable and is most often used as a practice glove since it can take a beating.

There are three kinds of closures available on Goalkeepers gloves:

  • The Hook & Loop closure which has an adjustable strap to control the tightness of the fit
  • The V-Notch closure which is designed to allow for more ventilation
  • The Bandage closure which securely wraps above the wrist for more support

What are The Different Cut Designs for GoalKeeper Gloves

There are four unique cuts that can be found in goalie gloves. There are no real advantages or disadvantages to each and it is entirely a matter of preference and comfort for each athlete to choose.

Box Cut

  • This is the most traditional cut of gloves that are used primarily by non-professional goalkeepers. They are more affordable than other designs and have a comfortable fit that many amateurs and growing youth athletes prefer.
  • The palm is constructed in one full piece of foam padding and provides a looser more roomy fit that allows free movement of each of the fingers independently

Negative Cut

  • If you have smaller more delicate fingers, the negative cut may be the best option for you. Each finger sleeve is sewn independently from the inside. It is the tightest fit available and is great for younger players, women, or men with more slender fingers.

Roll Finger Cut

  • This is a popular cut with higher caliber players. The outer sides of the palm material are wrapped back around to the backhand area and stitched into the top of the glove. This leaves the palm fitted tightly while still giving decent mobility to the individual finger sleeves.

Combination Cut

  • This design is a combination of the Negative Cut and the Roll Finger Cut. Not as commonly used it is designed to take advantage of the mobility of the Roll Finger design and the secure tight fit for smaller hands that the Roll Finger Cut is good for.


Follow these measurement directions to get the best glove fit for your hand.

  1. Measure the circumference of your palm at the widest point
  2. Round your measurement up to the nearest inch.
  3. Add one additional inch to your rounded measurement to get your size.
Size guide for goalie gloves
46-7 years-135 cm (-4’5”)
58-9 years135-145 cm (4’5”-4’9”)
610-11 years145-165 cm (4’9”-5’1”)
7Large kid or youth157-165 cm (5’2”-5’5”)
8Small to medium adult165-174 cm (5’5”-5’9”)
9Medium to large adult175-183 cm (5’9”-6’0”)
10Large to extra large adult184-189 cm (6’0”-6’2”)
11Extra-large adult190cm- (6’3”-)


No matter what sport you are playing it is important that you have the proper equipment that has been specifically fitted. Stay in the game and stay safe with the best Goalkeeper gloves for you.


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