Best Soccer Training Equipment

Being the most popular sport in the world, soccer is also one of the most competitive. Millions of people all across the globe work hard and hone their skills to have a chance at becoming a pro players.

However, for plenty of people, training for soccer is a fun activity and they do it simply for the love of the sport. Regardless of what your motivation is to train for soccer, you’ll need some equipment to help you improve your game.

We’ve found three of the best pieces of soccer training equipment online that will help you take your game to the next level!

RENRANRING Agility Ladder Speed Training Equipment Set

X-UMEUS Agility Ladder Speed Training Equipment Set - Includes 20ft Agility Ladder, Resistance Parachute, 4 Agility Hurdles, 12 Disc Cones for Training Football Soccer Basketball Athletes

The first equipment set we’re looking at is the sort of thing that all top-level athletes will use, whether they play soccer or any other team sport. This multi-purpose set features all the equipment that will help you improve your agility, physical strength, and stamina. These skills are essential for success in the sport of soccer.

The set includes the following items:

  • 20ft agility ladder
  • Resistance parachute
  • 4 agility hurdles
  • 12 disc cones
  • 4 metal stakes
  • 1 carry bag

You may have seen professional athletes use an agility ladder and hurdles to improve their speed and agility. You can lay the ladder out on the ground and come up with a variety of step combinations to try and go through the ladder as quickly as possible. The same is true of the hurdles which can be used for a warm-up exercise like hopping on alternate feet.

The resistance parachute is a great way to develop muscular strength in your legs and help you run faster. The parachute uses natural wind resistance to make you work harder while running. In fact, you could always combine the resistance parachute with some of the agility equipment or cones to make your workout even more intense!

The cones in this set can also be used for a variety of training drills. For example, they can be used to set up slalom dribbling courses or mark out areas for training games like a rondo (an exercise where players quickly pass the ball to each other and try to evade defenders).

The best part is, that the whole set fits neatly into the carry bag provided, making it easier than ever to travel to and from the training ground with it.

X-UMEUS Agility Ladder Speed Training Equipment Set - Includes 20ft Agility Ladder, Resistance Parachute, 4 Agility Hurdles, 12 Disc Cones for Training Football Soccer Basketball Athletes
  • 【Agility Training Equipment Kit】Includes 20-foot advanced agility ladder with fixable 4 stakes, 4 Agility hurdles,12 yellow disc Soccer Cones, Running Parachute. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the agility training equipment can meet your training requirements.
  • 【Suitable for People of all Ages and Levels】The soccer football agility training equipment designed for kids, youth, adults, athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts. The speed agility training set can cope with flying challenges, increase the speed, strength and endurance of the legs, and improve the agility and coordination of the body.
  • 【Efficient Choice】The fixed-width speed ladder design eliminates tripping troubles and saves more time for training. You can quickly start training in courtyards, parks, gymnasiums or as Workout equipment for home workouts ,no worries about weather conditions.
  • 【AWAKE YOUR POTENTIAL】Used for various Leg Training of Soccer Training Equipment, Football Agility Training Equipment, Basketball Training Equipment and Baseball Training Equipment. It can also be used to create interesting obstacle routes suitable for children and adults.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】Your satisfaction is very important to us.Therefore, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions on the speed ladder agility ladder set , We will answer your email within 24 hours and solve the problem. Ensure your 100% satisfaction and risk-free shopping experience.

PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Rebounder

PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer, 2 in 1 Soccer Rebounder Net to Improve Soccer Passing and Solo Skills, 6ft x 4.7ft

A rebounder is an essential piece of soccer training equipment. You’ll see professional teams around the world using them because it really improves the efficiency of a training session. Instead of spending time running after balls to retrieve them, the rebounder does this job for you!

This 6ft tall net uses an arc design to ensure that every time you kick the ball at it, it will come straight back to you. This means you won’t have to spend time constantly running back and forth to the goal to retrieve your ball anymore!

Rebounders are perfect for soccer because they allow you to practice a variety of soccer-specific skills.

  • The smaller, ground-level net can be used to practice short passing and receiving passes.
  • The larger net can be used to practice long-range passing and receiving the ball from the air.
  • You could even just use the net for target practice and try to hit it from a distance.

While this might seem like quite a large accessory to use for soccer training, it is fairly simple to set up and store away. The rebounder uses flexible, connectable rods rather than a rigid metal frame which is much more forgiving for the first time you assemble it.

This also keeps the whole device fairly lightweight and means you can easily take it down and carry it to your training ground if you need to.

PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer, 2 in 1 Soccer Rebounder Net to Improve Soccer Passing and Solo Skills, 6ft x 4.7ft
  • UPGRADED VERSION - We've improved our soccer rebounder so that no more balls go under the small net, This rebounder net provides enhanced durability and stability with ground stakes on the non-artificial grass.
  • DUAL USE - 2 in 1 net design allows two players to train simultaneously. Easily train like a pro and improve your passing, receiving skills and your first touch.
  • IMPROVE MULTI SKILLS - The rebounder net can be used by goalkeepers to improve their arm strength and tossing power. Field players may benefit from it by improving their passing skills, heading, trapping, shooting, ball striking, and leg strength.
  • FOR ALL LEVELS - Suitable for field training, recreational use and backyard play. Great choice for youth players and a solid investment for both new baseball players and seasoned alike to enhance soccer skills daily.
  • PORTABLE & EASY ASSEMBLY - The included PodiuMax carrying bag for storage and transportation makes this product portable and easy to assemble. No tools are required for setting up or disassembling in minutes in any location.

Surpop Soccer Training Band

Soccer/Volleyball/Rugby Trainer, Football Kick Throw Solo Practice Training Aid Control Skills Adjustable Waist Belt for Kids Adults (Black)

The last piece of soccer training equipment might seem unusual to some people but it’s certainly a great way to practice your ball control skills.

Quite simply, it consists of a strap that you can attach to your ankle or waist at one end of an elastic band and to a soccer ball at the other end. This allows you to practice kicking the ball towards a target and having the ball fly straight back to your feet, thanks to the elastic band.

This brilliant piece of equipment works in a similar way to the rebounder we looked at earlier. Using a training band or a rebounder, you’ll save so much time running after your ball to retrieve it after making a pass or a shot.

Of course, the two devices work in very different ways and they each have their own pros and cons.

The training band does restrict you to the length of the elastic band so there’s not much room to practice any long-distance passing. However, training bands are significantly cheaper than any soccer rebounder and are much better for use in a backyard with limited space.

Ultimately, we’d recommend either the training band or rebounder as they both provide similar benefits. The decision between the two should depend on your budget and the amount of space you have available in your training area.

Soccer/Volleyball/Rugby Trainer, Football Kick Throw Solo Practice Training Aid Control Skills Adjustable Waist Belt for Kids Adults (Black)
  • ⚽Perfect Solo training - This new evolution soccer kick trainer is perfect for solo training such as soccer, volleyball and rugby ( Football is not included )
  • ⚽Adjustable waist belt - belt strap is adjustable to fit waist sizes (33"-39"). Great football training aid for kids and adults
  • ⚽Adjustable stretchy strap - 6ft elastic strap stretches to 18ft. Perfect for altering the length the ball will kick out to and for adapting to different environments such as back yards
  • ⚽Flexible for different sized balls, fits ball sizes 3, 4 and 5. It can helps with developing skills like ball control, passing, touch and reaction
  • ⚽GET MULTI-ASPECT TRAINING - Shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control, throw-ins, all of these training program only needs the solo kick trainer

Tips For Soccer Training Equipment

There are plenty of other pieces of soccer training equipment that we didn’t cover in this review. If you’re thinking about what equipment you should buy next, these are some of the things you should think about while making your decision:

  • Your position – Different positions in soccer require different skillsets. If you’re a striker, getting some equipment to help with shooting will be beneficial. If you’re a defender, something to improve your physical strength or jumping will be better.
  • Your training space – Most people don’t have the luxury of professional training facilities to use for soccer, so the backyard has to do. If you don’t have a whole lot of space in your backyard, you’ll need some appropriately sized training apparatus.
  • Your ability – There’s no shame in admitting that you’re a beginner at soccer and need to train the basics first. Don’t go for anything too elaborate or technical if you’re just starting out.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned before, soccer is such a popular and competitive sport that it takes a lot of hard work and practice to reach the top levels. That’s why it’s such a good investment to get some high-quality training equipment that you can use at home or on the training ground.

If you go for any of the three apparatus that we’ve outlined in this guide, your soccer skills will definitely be on the way to improving and you’ll notice the results in no time!


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