Best Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids 2022

Don’t you just love watching your kid being a hero in their favorite sport?

If your kid is good at indoor soccer, which can also be called Futsal, then you need to help them get better at it. One way to do so is by getting them the right indoor soccer supplies. For now, we will focus on the best indoor soccer shoes for youth players. So you might ask, how do you get the right pair for your kid, and which are the best selections out there? Don’t worry because I am here to answer those questions for you.

Let’s start with the buying guide, shall we?

How to Choose the Best Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes?

One thing you should keep in mind is that regular soccer cleats cannot be used for indoor soccer/futsal. There are a number of features that differentiate the two, and one of them is the sole design. Here is a great post on My Youth Soccer Guide, which highlights the major types of soccer shoes, along with their difference.

So if you are out looking for the right pair of futsal shoes for your kid, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Feet type

Go for shoes that are ergonomic to the anatomy of the youth player’s feet. If your boy has flat feet, ensure that you choose shoes that will offer enough support to prevent common flat feet complications. Always check that the shoes have a supportive insole. You should also consider if the kid has wide feet. If this is the case, then you should go for shoes that have a wide toe box to avoid discomfort.

Check out our guide on Best Wide Indoor Soccer Shoes

Material/Weight of the shoes

The material of the shoes will directly affect the performance of the player on the court. Typically, the upper build and outsole materials shouldn’t be too heavy. If the material is heavy, it will affect agility when playing. So the lighter the shoes, the better the performance.


Will your youth player be using the shoes every day or several times throughout the week? This is one factor you must keep in mind when choosing futsal shoes for youth. Whether the kid supinates {leans to the outside of the feet} or pronates {to the inside}, you must choose a pair that will last for long enough. The material of the sole is a major factor to consider in this case.


You wouldn’t want your kid to slide on the court when running with the ball, would you? Of course, not. That is why you have to pick shoes that have a strong grip on the futsal court or indoor turf. The outsole material of the shoes must offer a steady grip on the hardwood. Here is why most futsal shoes have a rubber outsole. High-quality rubber should have a good grip on the floor, and it should also have high flexibility.


Your youth player will be playing the game indoors {obviously}, so you need to pick a pair of shoes that are breathable. We already said that the shoes need to be durable as well. However, what you should also keep in mind is that indoor soccer balls are smaller and heavier than regular soccer balls. For that, the upper build needs to be thick and strong, but breathable enough.

Above all, choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable on your kid’s feet. To learn more about how to pick the right indoor soccer shoes. Don’t forget to pick shoes from a reputable brand.

So now you have an idea of how you should buy the next futsal shoes for your boy. Let’s have a look at the 5 best indoor soccer shoes for kids.

1. Adidas Performance Kids’ Samba Classic

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


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Thanks to the soft, full-grain leather upper and ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole, these shoes will offer a great touch and easy mobility on the court. It also features a gum rubber outsole for a steady grip.

Furthermore, the rubber outsole is non-marking {it will not leave marks on the floor}. We also loved the classy design; they look like a regular pair of sneakers. In this case, your youth player can wear them with a pair of jeans, khaki, or shorts without looking awkward.

The Adidas Performance Kids’ Samba Classic is a great bargain. It is high-quality and comes at a reasonable price compared to other indoor soccer shoes. The shoe features a die-cut EVA insole that enhances comfort due to its lightweight.

The material, design, and overall weight of these shoes mean that your kid will move fast, flexibly, and comfortably on the court.


  • It has a strong grip, thanks to the gum-rubber outsole
  • Trendy design
  • They can be used for indoor soccer or casual wear
  • They are made of high-quality material that enhances the durability
  • Lightweight, hence better agility for youth
  • Good value for money


  • They are slightly narrow, which may be uncomfortable if your child has wide feet
  • The nylon shoelaces can be annoying
  • They may not be a perfect choice if your kid has extra sweaty feet
  • The shoes don’t offer such a good arch support

2. Adidas Performance X 16.3 Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


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If your kid loves a stylish pair of shoes while enjoying indoor soccer, these shoes should be a good choice. They are handmade, which means that they are customized to perfectly fit on youth players’ feet. The shoes come with a lightweight TechFit compression design. I know you wonder what that means. I’ll tell you. Basically, it means that the shoes have been designed with a compression design to give a snug fit, which then enhances the agility of the kid.

Another great feature is the zero-wear-in-time design. In this case, your kid will have an easy time slipping on the shoe without any hassle. They do come with a synthetic sole but don’t think it will slip on the hardwood surface. On the contrary, the synthetic sole has a steady grip. Furthermore, they are made with a strong upper material that will protect your feet when your kid plays on the court. With that good design, it means that your kid can hit the ball with great speed and accuracy. Regardless of how hard the kid hits the ball, it won’t damage the surface of the shoes.


  • It is made with a TechFit compression design to offer a snug fit
  • The shoes are lightweight
  • They come in different colors to let you choose what suits your kid best
  • Strong upper to withstand a hard hit


  • Synthetic soles are not as durable as rubber soles
  • It is not as breathable as such
  • The toe box is narrow

3. adidas X Speedfloow Messi.3

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

adidas Messi Speedflow.3 youth indoor soccer shoes

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Well, these shoes definitely won’t turn your kid into Messi, but they sure will give him a super-incredible experience. Most of the Messi futsal shoes have proven to be top performers that offer comfort, flexibility, and, durability. So you might wonder, did Messi himself make these shoes? Of course, not. He is busy practicing and delivering his soccer prowess every week. However, he did help in developing them. He knows what he needs in a pair of soccer shoes, so yes, these shoes will deliver accordingly.

Featuring a lightweight mesh upper construction, the adidas X Speedfloow Messi.3 shoes will offer a snug fit, which also enhances the agility of the kid on the court. The mesh upper enhances the swiftness of the kid as well as stability. With the stretchy construction and soft mesh upper, your child will easily slip his foot in the shoe without stressing too much. We’ve all seen the tantrums when they can’t get a shoe on correctly. Yikes!

The rubber outsole is designed to offer agility, speed, as well a steady grip on the hardwood court. It features a thin foam insole, along with a mesh lining. This means that your kid will enjoy breathable wear without excessive sweating.

Plus, the upper is made from 50% recycled content!


  • It fits comfortably
  • The shoes are lightweight
  • The outsole is non-marking rubber, so no need to worry about them leaving marks on the floor
  • They are breathable
  • The shoes have a great design
  • They are designed to let the kid slip them on easily
  • They are Messi’s shoes!


  • They can be too narrow if your child has wide feet

4. Larcia Youth Kids’ Indoor Soccer Shoes

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Larcia Youth Indoor Soccer Shoe For Kids

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Are you looking for the perfect shoes that are lightweight and offer comfort for your kid? The Larcia Youth Indoors Shoes for Kids have been made with synthetic materials and fabrics to enhance comfort and agility. The non-marking outsole rubber is stitched directly to the toe box. This design means that it comes with a steady grip and will last for long enough.

The lateral stitching, padded toe box, and tongue of these shoes let the kid move easily on the court. It is designed to fit perfectly on your kid’s feet. However, it might be a little tight if the kid wears it with thick athletic socks. What makes it a good choice is the design is ideal for both boys and girls. So if your little girl is a fan of indoor soccer too, consider getting her one of these.

The shoes have a mesh upper, which makes them breathable. This is an added advantage if your kid has excessively sweaty feet.


  • They are unisex. These are one of the best indoor soccer shoes for both girls and boys.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable
  • The outsole is directly stitched to the toe box, which makes it extra durable
  • Mesh upper makes it breathable
  • Non-marking and non-slipping outsole
  • They fit perfectly, which delivers better agility to your kid on the court.
  • It comes at a decent price, which makes it a good value for the money


  • The shoes might not be perfect for kids with flat feet

5. Puma Adreno Kids’ Indoor Soccer Shoe

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

PUMA Adreno Indoor kids Indoor Soccer Shoes - youth indoor soccer shoes

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I’m sure you know about the mega shoe brand, PUMA. The brand is known to deliver high-quality shoes that last for longer than most competitor shoes on the market. These shoes come with a colorful design, which will glow on your kid’s feet. They are low-maintenance with a stylish design. The shoes are also made with top-quality material to enhance their durability. This means that your kid can use them on a daily basis, and they will still last long enough.

The Puma Adreno has a lace-up design as well, and the orange laces match the color of the shoe and the outsole. Not to mention, the outsole is non-marking rubber to prevent slipping on the hardwood floor. We loved the synthetic upper, which is sleek and easy to clean. The collar is padded, along with a low profile tongue to give the kid comfort throughout the playing time.

The actual size is somewhat small. In this case, ordering a half to one size up will give your kid a snug fit. The upper is made of synthetic leather. So, unfortunately, it may not be as breathable as such. If your kid has sweaty feet, these shoes may not be the best choice. The toe box is a little narrow, which could be uncomfortable if your kid has wide feet.


  • Low-maintenance and durable
  • Colorful design
  • The outsole and most parts of the shoes have a single color, making it easy to clean
  • Padded collar and a low-profile tongue for extra comfort
  • Rubber outsole for a steady grip
  • They can even be worn for casual wear
  • The orange design is unisex


  • Narrow toe box
  • They are not perfectly breathable
  • They cost slightly higher than similar shoes

Which is the Best Indoor Soccer Shoe for your Kid?

As we mentioned, you have to follow the proper buying tips when selecting an indoor shoe for your kid. There are multiple indoor soccer shoes for kids, but we just listed 5 of the best. Once you consider all the relevant factors, you can then decide on the right pair of shoes for your kid.

Furthermore, proper care is important to enhance the durability of the shoes.

So which indoor soccer shoes will you choose for your kid? The ball is in your court, but remember to make a wise choice.

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