Top 5 Best Soccer Cleats With Arch Support – Updated 2022

Are you an avid soccer fan? You love the sport, but your flat feet condition is limiting you from pursuing the game? We have an intelligent solution for you! Soccer cleats that are wide enough to adjust your feet with excellent arch support are here to help you fulfill your passion. 

For those suffering from foot issues, cleats that have sufficient arch support would be a great choice. It is because it distributes pressure evenly and provides balance and stability. It also reduces the pain and prevents your arch from further injuries while playing football.

Now arises the next question…

Which are the best soccer cleats that have excellent arch support?

Before purchasing a pair of sneakers, various factors have to be well considered. That is the position you play in, your feet type, and the kind of pitch on which you will be playing. Durability, comfort, traction, and material are the other factors involved. In this post, let’s have a look at some of the best Soccer Cleats with Arch Support that are available in the market.

Soccer Cleats With Arch Support – UPDATED 2020

1. Great Overall: Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe Review

copa mundial soccer cleats for wide feet and arch support

Adidas Copa Mundial consists of kangaroo leather, which has a synthetic lining. The product offers additional support and comfort while playing.

Leather support present gives durability and stability while on the field. This further molds to your feet, providing a glow like fit that offers excellent control on the ground.

It comes with a synthetic lining that has a quick-drying feature, which helps you to keep your feet dry without sweating.

A long copper tongue is present, and you can wear it in various ways based on your preference.

As for the insoles, it has a die-cut EVA, which gives the player high comfortability.

Wile sizing the footwear, you may have to go for half size down to get the standard size. The outsoles come with dual-density that gives excellent arch support.

2. Good Breathability: Adidas Men’s X 18.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe Review

This Adidas Men’s X 18.3 Firm Ground footwear is capable of taking your game to the next dimension.

Upper contains synthetic materials that mold well to your feet.

The shoe gives a snug fit to your foot while on the field.

Lower top of the cleat ensures great foot movement that offers control on the ball throughout.

A sock construction links the lower leg to the ankles. Which, in turn, offers quick and agile movements for kicking the ball.

Plus, the insoles are well padded at the correct areas offering heel and toe protection.

Lastly, the studs are accurately fixed in the right places to provide explosive push-offs.

Adidas shoes are appropriately designed for agility and speed on dry and firm grass pitches. This High Arch Football boot gives the foot enough arch support.

3. Budget-Friendly: Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats Review.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf shoes are an excellent choice for playing football.

Made of kangaroo leather that’s stitched with a suede reinforced toe. Multi studded rubber present gives excellent traction and grip even on different surfaces.

A unique feature of this footwear is the comfortable fit and high-grade materials used.

Upper consists of soft material and is comfortable to wear for a long period.

TRAXION outsole offers an incredible grip that allows you to maintain a good posture on the field.

The midsole has pre-molded EVA that gives a cushioning effect while wearing for extended periods.

As it is comfortable and lightweight on the inside, it’s the best option for those who prefer excellent arch support. Leather tongue and thin heel liner keep the shoes from any debris on the field.

4. Top Performance: Leader Show Women’s Performance Soccer Shoe Review


Leader Show Women’s Performance sneakers come with an elastic and soft upper. It offers the cleats an excellent comfort level.

The outsole features a flexible rubber that ensures sufficient grip while running on grassy fields.

Additionally, it also has the right cushioning on the inside at the midsoles. This combo gives excellent and reliable arch support to the footgear.

Further, it provides excellent support and protects the ankles while moving around in the field.

While ordering, these pair of sneakers go for half a size more extensive as it tends to be slightly smaller.

These Soccer Cleats For High Arches is suitable for most sports and workouts. Lastly, the upper material is well designed to provide the best performance in the field.

5. Great Comfortability: Nike Youth Soccer Superfly 6 Club Multi-Ground Cleats Review

Nike Youth Superfly 6 Club Multi-Ground soccer cleats have a dynamic fit collar that is low profile. These link the lower leg and foot and allows the ankles to move about freely.

Synthetic upper offers a close fit by wrapping around your footwell. Snug fit provides precise touch on the ground even at high speeds.

Outsole wrap presents at the toes prevents wear and tear.

Midsoles come with a textile heel lining foot grip, which allows you to keep the boot in place. 

Multi ground plate present in these shoes ensures excellent traction on artificial and natural grass fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if you have bad arch support?

Inadequate support in the arch region can lead to various foot ailments. Lack of support may cause more pain at the ball of the feet. The shoe can alleviate stress over the heels. If this is not dealt with during the early stage, it may cause serious injuries. Go ahead and get a cleat with excellent arch support to remedy this situation.

Q. How can I improve my soccer performance?

Are you suffering from overpronation or wide feet? Do you find such conditions limiting your game? We have an easy and effective method to correct such issues. You have to select the best football sneakers with sufficient arch support that gives you the stability to perform well.


Buying guide

Here are some of the aspects to consider while buying football shoes with enough arch support.

Proper grip:

Proper grip and stability are essential if you wish to perform well on the field. As you will be kicking the ball using your feet, your shoes should have sufficient grip. Or else there’s a higher chance of you tripping and falling.


Always select a pair of footwear that is a perfect fit. If the size is not correct, it can hinder the flexibility and performance of the players. In case of flat feet, go for extra extensive options to get a snuggle fit.

Arch support:

Ample support is essential for the players to do a great job in the field. Excellent arch support helps you to balance and focus on the game without worrying about getting injured. For those who need a high arch and low arch supports must choose their footgear with enough spacing. The perfect arch helps a player to give his best shot in the game.


Proper cushioning ensures enough comfort as your leg twists and turns in the field. Cushioning effect at the heel and the forefront allows you to play the game with ease. Lack of proper cushioning may result in poor performance in the game.


Even under extreme situations, the rubber soles should have exceptional longevity. Ensure that the footwear you purchase is durable enough to handle tons of pressure. You may encounter immense pressure while you run and sudden thrust as you kick the ball. Hence instead of going for a cheaper pair, invest in high performing and durable football shoes.

Shock absorption:

Shock Absorption is a must for football players. As your body weight shifts towards your feet, shock absorption reduces the chance of injuries. Or else it can adversely affect your ankles, knees, feet, and hips.

Best Soccer Shoes For Overpronation

Is flat feet or overpronation making you uncomfortable in your sneakers? We have the Best Soccer Shoes for Overpronation for you. Soccer requires intensive training, and your entire body gets tested. Hence you need to choose the top footgear to perform well. The right choice will also impact the way you play in the future. Here we have the best options available in the stores. A few of them include:
• Adidas Copa Tango 17.3.
• New Balance 442 Team.
• Nike TiempoX Finale 10R.
• Adidas Mundial Goal.
• New Balance Furon 3.0 Dispatch.
• Adidas Samba Classic.

Patrick Soccer Cleats

The Patrick Soccer Cleats are commonly seen in the United States. These full-grain leather sneakers are further stitched and molded using a TPU bottom. It ensures a great deal of comfort level for the player. Insoles have molded EVA and come with shock absorber inserts. Plus, they come imprinted with the legendary inscription Patrick’ on them.


Last but not least, foot health is a vital part of the game. If your feet remain unsupported, be it low arches, high arches, or normal ones, you will be uncomfortable. To correct this concern, select a pair that’s padded well inside and near the heel. Our best option would be Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer cleats. The die-cut EVA insoles in these offer great support and cushioning.

Choose the best one from the above options and lets us know your feedback in the comments below. Happy Gaming!


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