About Us

I have been a soccer coach for about 10 years now. I see players pick the wrong soccer cleats way too often. Young players tend to choose style and fancy colors while older players look only for best fit. Which is why I have started TopCleats.

My main goal is to teach young players that colors does not matter while choosing soccer cleats. Player position, foot type, materials matters the most. And finding that perfect perfect match takes knowledge and time.

Feel free to read my guides and leave your opinion about every one of them in the comments. Your opinions is what I care about and try to improve all the time.

I will try to write as much as possible and share my knowledge with all of you!

Next steps? Read these guides first and you will be ready to identify your foot type and search for your perfect soccer cleats:

  1. Ultimate Soccer Cleats Guide
  2. Soccer Cleats Sizing
About Us - Sometimes you don't need soccer cleats :)
Sometimes you don’t need soccer cleats 🙂