The Most Expensive Soccer Cleats

Football or Soccer, as Many People Call It, Is the Game of the World.

There is probably no one in the world who hasn’t heard about this game. Soccer has a massive fan base. There are thousands of young guns out there who wish to represent their nation at the international level and play for their favorite club. Though it is important to have the willpower to succeed. It is equally important to have the proper gear. Check out our Soccer Cleats Buying Guide to make sure you get the pair that is best for you.

And often proper gear means – expensive. 

Let’s be honest an expensive pair of cleats is not going to get you to the national team, but some of the best players wear very expensive boots. Often times the high price is because of a deal that the shoe manufacturer made with the star to promote the shoe. Just look at the Neymar / Puma deal of 2020.

So, if you are in search of expensive cleats and want to learn more, read on!

Top 5 Most Expensive Soccer Cleats

After examining a countless number of cleats that are available in the market, we have created a shortlist of the 5 most expensive soccer cleats. Some of the prices may seem a little outrageous. There are generally a couple of reasons why a particular football boot will end up with such a high price tag. 

  • The cleats are donned by the MVPs and greats of the sport and have proved to be a great asset to the player. (Remember the deal I mentioned above?) 
  • They are a limited edition that is no longer being produced and people are capitalizing on the rarity of the shoe. 

As the market changes our list will evolve as well. Check out what is currently on our list of most expensive cleats:

1. Nike Mercurial Superfly

Nike Mercurial Superfly 747219-006

Our Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

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Nike is a renowned brand in the field of sports and is constantly rolling out the products that change the whole game. The latest version in the Mercurial series takes up the game a notch higher and raises the bar to a height never achieved before. The designers have revolutionized the idea of soccer cleats by infusing the latest technology and designs that are sure to boost up the performance.

Some of the exclusive features are:

  • Designed exclusively for players who like to sprint at very high speed along with comfort and high traction.
  • The shoes are suitable for natural and dry grass surfaces.
  • Made with the revolutionary design of infusing premium quality L-leather and Flyknit, helping in reducing the weight of the cleats.
  • The Flyknit technology helps in giving a sock-like fit in, a thin coating of Kangaroo-leather is used in the forefoot so that the players feel like they are playing barefooted, helping them in amplifying their touch.
  • To help the players with better control of the ball, Nike has used their exclusive All Conditions Control technology, which helps the players in achieving a high level of grip in both conditions, dry and wet.
  • In order to provide extreme comfort to the players while running and turning on the ground, a dynamic Fit Collar is used. It helps the players in playing as well as give them an idea of the interaction of their legs with the ball and the ground.
  • For players who are good with dribbling and other skills that require the legs to move in multi-directions at a high-speed rate, Nike has included the Flywire cables. These cables are directly knitted to the upper piece so that the eyelets of the laces are locked down. This helps in increasing the lockdown reactivity when the laces are tightened because of the fast movements.
  • The soleplate of the cleats is made up of continuous carbon fiber, which helps in reducing the center of gravity to give extra traction, and the dual-layer construction, having a high level of flexibility, helps in generating enough power to run at high speed.

The reviews have been highly positive about this product. Being used by the best of the game, this is the highest form of perfection achieved till now. With a supreme comfort level, along with a lightweight feel and high flexibility, playing football has never been more fun. The increased traction and lightweight helps in running at high speed without much effort, giving the players a barefoot feel. The cleats have added spikes so that the players can stand firmly on the ground, giving them a higher sense of stability.

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Provides superior touch.
  • Gives a higher level of traction and ease in movement.
  • Made with the latest exclusive technologies of Nike.
  • Feels a lot more natural and softer than other Superfly 4 series cleats.
  • The hardback of the shoes may cause blisters.
  • Not highly suitable for playing in wet conditions.

2. Nike Mercurial What The Superfly IV


Our Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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Nike has been rolling out the Mercurial series shoes since 1998, and they have been in the spotlight since then. They are donned by the best of the players at the grandest of the stages and are well known to improve the performance. The Nikes have been modifying their product continuously and have rolled out highly sophisticated and performance-oriented shoes. This latest edition of mercurial cleats is a part of the “What the “ theme from Nike. The shoe is made up of the color combination of the previous 16 versions of the mercurial series. These shoes are laced with various never before heard technologies and designs and are made to take the performance of the player a notch higher. So why are these cleats so expensive? Some of the exclusive features are:

  • The Nike has introduced the latest TechCraft technology which combines the leather and the Flyknit technology.
  • Shoes have various exclusive properties of their previous versions like the explosiveness of the Superfly, the comfort of the Obra, the agility of the Phantom to name the few.
  • They are designed in such a way that they will help in keeping the feet cooler so that the sweating doesn’t make them heavy and cause a decrease in performance.
  • A layer of premium K-leather is added so that it gives a more natural feel.

The reviews have been highly positive for these shoes. Made up by combining the exclusive features of the earlier trademark shoes of the Nike company from the Mercurial series, this cleat exceeds the expectation, in the same way, the player sprints down the field in a matter of seconds. It is highly vibrant in its look, having something from each and every design of the previous versions of the mercurial. The shoe excels in agility, ball control, and traction because of the exclusive features that are added to it.

So which player is behind these luxury soccer shoes?

These cleats are made keeping Cristiano Ronaldo’s, a stalwart of Juventus and Portugal, gameplay in mind. He is a player who likes to sprint down to the enemy team goal with a poise that only certain players in the history of the game have been able to showcase. Having excellent skills and mind-boggling feet movements, he needs cleats that are highly flexible yet provide enough traction to keep a stable position along with the lightness so that it helps in running faster. The experts say that it feels like there is an element of Ronaldo’s DNA in it! The shoes are designed in such a way that they keep the player aware of their level of interaction with the ball and the ground. A performance of top-class and high speed is guaranteed, as these will resonate completely with your skillset.

  • Made with the combined technology of the previous versions.
  • Great design and color combination
  • Increases traction and lightness to help in sprinting
  • New cooling technology.
  • Might be a problem to wear these for wider feet players

3. Nike Hypervenom 3


Our Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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This is the Hypervenom 3. Nike says it’s a lot better than the Hypervenom 2. And we will see if that is true. The Phantom 3 is made specifically for the striker and has been rebuilt from the ground up with one purpose – finishing. The entire upper is made out of Flyknit and features integrated knitted cables that are able to move freely to lock your foot down while dynamically imitates your foot shape. That is the buzzword for Hypervenom 3 – Dynamic.

The soccer shoe follows your foot a lot more closely than previous versions. Normally lockdown restricts you but here my foot felt both secure and free at the same time. The dynamic fit collar is super snug and a bit higher on the inside which means that it covers your ankle bone fully. The Hypervenom 3 is still great for wide-footed people but the heel is slim like on a Superfly 5 giving you a more tight and locked-in fit and it’s suitable for every foot type out there. Size-wise I went true to size and I couldn’t be happier. The soleplate is made with responsiveness in mind. It’s flexible where you bend your foot and stiff where you push off. You actually feel like the plate has been optimized to the movements you make each area off your foot. No matter in which direction you want to run you get maneuverability, speed, and grip at the same time. It’s probably the most complete outsole I’ve ever tried.

Most expensive soccer cleats - Nike Hypervenom 3

Marcus Rashford, Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane, Gonzalo Higuain, Edinson Cavani wearing Nike Hypervenom 3. Source: Nike.comThe really fun stuff begins when you touch the ball. Hypervenom 3 has its strike zone equipped with parts of so-called multi-layered Poron® foam pods which are supposed to give you a better rebound when something hits it hard enough.

It’s like a secret weapon that works only when you needed to. You won’t shoot harder but it’s less painful to really put your foot through the ball and the sweet thing is that the foam pads aren’t in the way when you dribble. So, the touch is precise and slightly textured. It’s not all game is heaven though because even the Hypervenom 3 has some flaws.

I think that the asymmetrical dynamic fit collar to give you support when you cut is a good idea. But honestly, it doesn’t feel that much different compared to the other dynamic fit collars and I still like it to be a little bit shorter. But the main issue is the pressure point you get from the heel stitching which so far has given me a few blisters. After all, it’s just a small nuisance to what I feel is a proper return to the Hypervenom name. It’s much better than the Hypervenom 2 and the 2.5. Despite some skepticism over the futuristic looks I’m convinced this is the best high-top Nike has made.

  • Flyknit upper;
  • Follows your foot a lot more closely;
  • Probably the most complete outsole I’ve ever tried;
  • Strike zone equipped with multi-layered Poron® foam pods.
  • The dynamic fit collar doesn’t feel different;
  • High pressure on the heel stitching.

4. Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility FG Soccer Cleats


Our Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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This is a brand-new Nemesis and I think it’s amazing. The Nemeziz is the first low-cut laceless soccer shoe and it’s actually made out of tape. It’s made to give you the ultimate lockdown so you can change direction on the spot and make sure your opponent won’t ever see you again.

The fit itself is the first WOW experience. It’s tight but not too tight. The rubber bands will stretch but only enough to make sure it’s not painful and that it still sits tight. Then Nemeziz will spend the rest of the energy on locking your foot down like it’s being vacuum-packed. It simply fits – it just slips it on and you’re good to go. Unless you have a wide foot. Nemeziz is slim, if your foot is so wide, don’t bother.

The best thing is the laceless thing around the ankle. It’s probably the most perfect height of a sock yet. Because while you do feel the material sitting tight down there, it still feels like a natural extension of the foot. We’re talking about one of the tightest fitting, most elegant, nimble boots ever. With a lockdown in the top bracket. It is not however the most comfortable soccer shoe.

The Nemeziz won’t win any awards for comfort as it’s incredibly stiff. But for a player who loves responsiveness and acceleration, it’s a very good choice. It feels sharp like you are a bit more connected to the ground so you can change direction on the spot. But it’s absolutely not for everyone in terms of comfort. On the ball, the Nemeziz has been engineered to make sure you get a one-to-one-touch experience with nothing in the way of your creative genius. It’s fun to play with because you feel extremely closely connected to the ball with the touch that’s neither too slippery nor too smooth.

Most expensive soccer cleats - Adidas Nemeziz 17
Lionel Messi wearing Adidas Nemeziz 17+. Source:

The shooting – feels as if you’re able to shoot harder because it’s more or less bone to the ball. No bullshit between you and the ball. Everything that’s good comes at a price. It will set you back around $300. Nemeziz basically takes what’s good from the PureControl and the PureChaos and merges it into one dangerous soccer shoe. But if you want Pogbas’ swag and Bales’ killer instinct, Nemeziz is the answer.

  • Low-cut laceless soccer shoe;
  • New technology – made out of tape;
  • Increases traction and lightness to help in sprinting;
  • Neither too slippery nor too smooth.
  • Not suitable for wide feet;
  • Not very comfortable.

5. Nike Magista Obra II


Our Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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Nike looked into what the foot would look like if it had been involved with the sole purpose of playing football. As it turns out it would have looked a little something like Magista Obra 2 soccer cleats. These are the high-tech version of every soccer cleat. It is definitely still a Magista. With that completely seamless and comfortable sensation kept intact. It makes the feeling of plush socks.  You get a reassuring and locked-in fit but in a more restrictive manner and especially around the dynamic fit collar. That is still spandex suit tight but in a really free way. It’s still very high and needs a rocket science degree to get on, but it’s an undeniable more blister-free improvement on the Magista Obra 1. The fit is also very close to the Magista 1. Expect it to be true to size, relatively wide, and slightly roomy. So, even wide-footed players can use these soccer shoes. It does feel very good but it doesn’t mean – oh my God. The upper should have been softer out of the box.

Whether the growing studs as part of the evolution in Nike’s vision is left unsaid. But the plate has seen some substantial updates also, offering half-conical studs for better movement in all directions. And it is a really good configuration. It works like a ninja – silently gets the job done with minimal fuss. Moving on to the big deal. The meticulously engineered bumps are made to be the evolution it never happened. To be a direct connection from the ball to your brain, to activate your senses better, focus with bigger bumps around the most sensitive areas of your foot.

Most expensive soccer cleats - Nike magista obra Two
Mario Götze with the new Magista 2. Source:

To be honest my senses didn’t feel remarkably more stimulated. But what the bumps do offer is a soft and damp touch on the ball. As if you strapped an airbag around your feet. The best thing about the bumps in the grip, which is very good. Touching the ball feels natural despite the padding as the bumps are only big where you need them to be. It is much better than I expected. Nature has shown evolution takes time and despite the Magista Obra is very good it’s not perfect. I have found 3 small things I don’t like:

  • The dynamic fit collar still moving a bit.
  • The upper needs some breaking time to fit perfectly.
  • The weight going up 10 grams.

All of which we can forgive in the big picture. The big but is that with the way the Magista 2 was launched you’d expect it to be just as big of a revolution as the Obra One was. But It’s not. I might say that this is more like evolution. It’s evolving from its fairly clean and smooth stage. Obra 2 become wilder and more aggressive soccer cleats.

  • Textured Flyknit upper;
  • Suitable for wide footed players;
  • Half-conical studs;
  • The dynamic fit collar still moving a bit.
  • The upper needing some breaking time to fit perfectly.
  • The weight going up 10 grams.

5 Luxury Soccer Cleats Comparison Table

Things to Consider Before Buying The Most Expensive Soccer Cleats

There is a lot that needs consideration before buying the most expensive soccer cleat. Here are a few things to take into account before buying your dream cleats:

  • Terrain: identify the kind of terrain you are going to play on. Whether the surface on which you’ll be playing is hard or soft. If the field uses real grass or artificial grass? The field is outdoors or indoors? All these factors are important while you choose which cleat will be the best for a particular terrain.
  • Size: If soccer cleats miss fit even by the smallest of margins, they can affect the performance. You must make sure that you are buying the cleats of the perfect size. So that you can be at your best during the practice and the game. While playing you don’t want to be thinking about your shoes. If they are too tight, your feet might start to hurt. If they are too loose, the cleats might slip. This can cause you to be unsure when changing direction or stopping. Even worse it could cause injury! 
  • Material: whether buying the cleats made of leather or synthetic materials depend on the choice of the player. Leather cleats are quite flexible. While synthetic cleats are durable and are lighter than the leather cleats. If you have wide feet we generally recommend real leather since it will expand and form to your foot. 

How to choose the most expensive soccer cleats?

soccer ball and cleats

If you’re going to be play baseball, soccer, or any other sport, then you need a high-quality pair of cleats on your feet. These are going to keep you on your feet and help you hold your ground while you’re trying to win that game of your life!

However, so many people just don’t know how to buy cleats or what the most expensive soccer cleats have in terms of features and material. That’s where this article comes into play. You’re going to learn all about the various components of a soccer cleat and what sets apart the most expensive cleats from the competition. Keep these in mind when you’re shopping for your next pair of cleats!


If you look at a pair of cleats from the top down, you are looking at the upper portion of the cleat. You might think that this part of the cleat is just the place where that Nike logo goes or where other brands put their logos. However, there’s so much more to the upper part of the cleat than that. This is the part that protects your foot the most. This part of the cleat is should be bonded perfectly with the outsole plate, which means that your foot is will have great stability when moving that ball around the field. 

Depending on what kind of cleat you’ve bought, you are either going to get a synthetic or leather outer cover. Most of the expensive cleats come with a high-quality leather cover, which will hold up to the wear and tear of gameplay over time. However, there are even some more expensive cleats that are utilizing synthetics to allow more agility on the field.

2. Vamp

Next up, the vamp, this is the part of the cleat that’s going to see the most action on the field. The vamp is the strike zone of the shoe – the very front part of the upper where you’ll be kicking the soccer ball. This is arguably the most important part of the cleat since this needs to be very sturdy and of high quality to perform well on the field. Most expensive cleats will be stitched or come with extra tech to give you more performance power and control.

3. Midsole

The midsole is the portion of the cleat between the upper and the outsole – basically, this is the meat of the cleat sandwich. This is where cushioning and stability devices are sewn into the shoe for extra performance power. Most expensive cleats are going to have midsoles that are made of EVA or ethyl vinyl acetate.

4. Insole

The insole is the part of any shoe that’s easily removable and can provide extra comfort/stability while wearing the cleat. In the most expensive cleats, these are going to distribute impact pressure and ensure that you have balance on the most uneven of surfaces. This is very important while playing soccer since it is important that you are able to keep your balance while running around the field.

5. Outsole

Next up, we have another crucial part of any cleat, the outsole. The outsole is the bottom-most part of the shoe, which is always going to be in contact with the ground. There are many materials that are used when manufacturing the outsole and can include rubber, plastic, or even metal. 

Ultimately the material that is used will depend on the type, the surface where the cleats will be used and the price range of cleat you’re buying. The correct material and type will provide the most traction possible while on the field.

6. The heel counter and cushioning

Last but not least, we’ll cover the heel counter. This is the device where your heel goes that provides extra cushioning and support while running. The heel counter helps your foot in a vertical position and ensure that you have a stable backing on your shoe. The most expensive cleats are going to come with very high-quality heel counters that are sturdy and hard on the outside while coming with the proper cushioning on the inside of the shoe to protect your feet.


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