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Developing your sense of the ball over months and years of practice, you may notice that it becomes more and more difficult for you to become better. For skilled soccer players, even minor inconveniences like laces getting in the way of the ball become a problem. And comfort and fit become increasingly important in soccer cleats.

If you’ve been catching yourself getting annoyed by the discomfort of your old cleats, then our Adidas Copa 19+ soccer cleats review may help you find a solution to your problem.

Things to consider before buying soccer cleats

The Copa 19+ soccer cleats are designed to deliver superb comfort and fit for quite a steep price. Thus, we think that they are going to be more suitable for more advanced players. Others should go for something simpler as they may be unable to appreciate the benefits that these cleats offer, especially given that they are quite pricey.

Overall, to decide whether or not to buy the Copa 19+ cleats, answer the following questions:

  • How important is lockdown to you?
  • What kind of a ball feel you would like to have?
  • How much do you value maneuverability?

Now, let’s try to find out how the Copa 19+ does in regard to each of these questions.

What is Adidas Copa 19+?

Copa 19+ Dybala


Adidas’ insanely popular Copa line has included a plentitude of soccer shoes over the decades, starting from the classic Copa Mundial and ending with the modern Copa 19.1 cleats. All Copa shoes have been innovative, but the Copa 19+ shows a completely new approach.

The laceless design has instantly become a subject of praise and even criticism. But in spite of some slight differences in opinions, most people have agreed that the design of the Copa 19+ soccer cleats is truly innovative and, most importantly, efficient.

  • Close, glove-like fit.
  • Sleek design.
  • Very close feel of the ball.
  • Delivers great traction with the ground.
  • Doesn’t provide as good lockdown as laced cleats.
  • The outsole feels bulky for the shoe.
  • The feel of the ball is a little inconsistent throughout the upper.

Features & benefits of Adidas Copa 19+

Adidas Primeknit collar

Adidas copa 19+ Colar


The Primeknit collar – or sock, if you will – arguably is the most remarkable feature of Copa 19+ soccer cleats. Instead of the classic laces, Adidas decided to equip the Copa 19+ with its stretchy Primeknit collar.

And what did this allow them to achieve? A close, glove-like fit.

Now, the Primeknit collar isn’t the only component in these cleats that makes them comfy. But it’s a pretty big factor nonetheless.

The collar is pretty tight, and it isn’t too easy to get your foot in. But once you do put the cleats on, you feel how the stretchy fabric embraces your ankles. Probably no kind of laced soccer cleats will ever reach such a degree of comfort. Weak ankles can benefit from such tight collar and feel much safer surrounded than open. Recovering from an ankle injury especially. 

Arguably, the Primeknit collar isn’t going to provide you with as much lockdown as laces. This will likely be true for some people, but not everyone needs their ankles to be firmly grasped by the collar.

Soft K-leather upper

The seamlessly-made K-leather upper in Copa 19+ soccer cleats is the other, possibly the more important contributor to the cleats’ comfort.

Made in one piece, the upper doesn’t have any firm spots in it. It’s not stretchy, but its softness allows it to embrace your foot and fit like a glove. Despite that, even wide footed players can wear the new Copa 19+. Thus, it perfectly complements the firm touch of the Primeknit collar.

The K-leather upper is also rather thin, which allows for a closer feel of the ball. In its turn, the texture in the upper provides you with increased control over the ball.

The ribbed surface of the upper also makes the ball look sleek and simply cool. On the other hand, those ribs may cause some inconsistencies in the ball feel. A smoother surface would likely be better in this regard.

The leather is also treated in Adidas’ Fusionskin, which is designed to decrease water uptake, albeit it won’t make the cleats completely waterproof.

Grippy and supportive FG outsole

Adidas Copa 19+ Outsole


The outsole of Copa 19+ soccer cleats features a pretty aggressive bladed stud design. Such studs, if you didn’t know, deliver increased traction when maneuvering or dribbling.

As for Copa 19+, they are going to deliver a good balance between the support of round studs and the traction of bladed studs.

The FG outsole in these cleats features TPU Soft Pod cushioned inlays at key pressure points of the foot.  In terms of support and traction, the outsole is great, but a thing that many people didn’t quite like in them is that they feel too bulky for the overall feel of the shoe.

Social proof

Every soccer player is going to perceive soccer cleats differently, so it is certainly helpful to check out others’ opinions in order to get a fuller picture. We’ve done this with Copa 19+ soccer cleats, as with any cleats we do a review on.

Overall, these soccer cleats have been winning soccer players around the world with its close fit, lightness, and feel of the ball. Conversely, some people complained that the cleats don’t have as good lockdown as laced cleats, or that they feel bulkier than expected.


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Nike Superfly Elite 6 Cleats



Superfly Elite 6 FG, Nike’s high-end cleats, features a more aggressive bladed stud layout that should be better in terms of traction. In addition, these cleats are laced, albeit they still have a sock for a better fit and comfort.

Key differences:

  • Better lockdown thanks to laces.
  • More aggressive stud layout.
  • Synthetic upper.

If you care about maneuverability most of all, then you should check out the Superfly Elite 6 cleats instead.

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Puma Future 18.1 Netfit cleats

Puma-Future-18.1 Puma Future 18.1 Best Youth Soccer Cleats No2

The Netfit upper in Puma’s cleats features numerous holes for you to thread the laces through. Basically, Puma has taken a bit different direction: instead of getting rid of the laces, they allow you more options in tying them.

Key differences:

  • The Netfit upper allowing plenty of lace configurations.
  • Potentially much stronger lockdown.

If you’d rather have extra-strong lockdown, then check out Puma’s Future 18.1 Netfit cleats. Full review available here.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor XI NJR FG Soccer Shoes

Nike Mens Mercurial Vapor XI FG Best Soccer Cleat for Midfielder


Nike’s Mercurial Vapor XI NJR shoes have a stud layout similar to that of the Superfly Elite 6 cleats. However, these shoes are much cheaper than the Superfly Elite 6. They deliver good traction, ball feel, and support at a more affordable price.

Key differences:

  • Aggressive bladed stud layout.
  • Cheaper
  • Has no socks.

Check out Nike Mercurial Vapor XI NJR FG soccer shoes if you’d like good support and ball feel for less money.

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After playing soccer for years, seemingly negligible things begin to matter. A minor inconvenience becomes critical. With their glove-like fit and close ball feel – as we’ve described above – Adidas Copa 19+ soccer cleats are designed to address such issues.

In the end, if the innovative design of the Adidas Copa 19+ soccer cleats seems really attractive to you, then click here to check them out.


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