PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 1 Review

PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 1









  • Very comfortable with a snug sock-like fit
  • Wide and flexible making them a great option if you have large feet
  • Combination of stud design makes the easy to use on multiple field types
  • Offer good ball control


  • Offer little support and resistance
  • A bit pricey

I have been working as a kids’ soccer coach for a few years now after retiring from playing professionally. One of the main questions I get from my players and soccer moms/dads is which the best soccer cleats are. Truth be told, there is no ultimate holy grail-type pair of shoes out there. There are way too many factors to consider to name one model the king of them all.

However, from trying a few myself and seeing their results on other players I can say I have identified some pretty decent models out there. One of these is the Vigor 1 pair from Puma’s evoPOWER line. I often recommend these for my strikers and midfielders and am yet to be disappointed by them. Below is a Puma evoPOWER Vigor 1 review to help you understand why it is a personal favorite.

5 Factors to consider when choosing soccer cleats

Before I get into details about what I like and don’t like about this pair, I would like to share the criteria I used to choose them. These are 5 factors you should definitely take into consideration when shopping for soccer shoes. That way, whether you are shopping for yourself or for someone else you will make the very best choice.

  1. Size matters – The perfect fit ensures both comfort and functionality so make sure to get the right size.
  2. Your position on the field – Not all players have the same shoe needs. Understanding the specific dynamics each position offers will help you make the very best choice of cleats.
  3. The type of soccer field – the two main field types are hard ground and soft ground. Firm-ground cleats should offer balance and flexibility. Soft ground shoes on the other hand need grip above all else.
  4. Shoe material – this refers to the material on the upper surface of the shoe. It determines a lot including durability, comfort, flexibility, and ball control.
  5. The price tag on the cleats – it is important to invest in high quality. However, with patience and adequate research, you can find a good pair within your ideal price range as we did.

A brief overview of Puma’s evoPOWER Vigor 1 cleats

The Puma Evopower Vigor 1 shoes are in a lot of ways similar to their Puma predecessors. They feature the same upper material, sole design, and stud quality. However, improvements in construction as well as a few new features have significantly improved this pair’s performance capabilities.

Who are they made for?

These shoes offer amazing ball control. The brand’s use of AdapLite as well as the presence of complementary studs ensures excellent ball-shoe interaction. It also seems to significantly increase accuracy during shooting. For this reason, the shoes are a great option if you play the attacker position.


  • They are very comfortable with a snug sock-like fit.
  • They are wide and flexible making them a great option if you have large feet. evoPOWER Vigor 1 is listed as best rated soccer cleats for wide feet.
  • They come in a lot of designs for aesthetics.
  • The combination of stud design makes the easy to use on multiple field types.
  • They offer good ball control.


  • They offer little support and resistance and are not good for sprint running up and down the field.
  • They are a bit pricey.

Key features and what it all means for you

• AdapLite upper material with Spandex sock design

This makes the shoe first and foremost very easy to wear. If you have owned a pair of cleats made from materials like leather then you know how stiff they are. This can make it a bit of a nightmare for you to slip them on and run around the field. Puma’s use of soft and flexible material with this pair makes them a great pick if comfort is your number one priority.

The material is complemented by Griptex construction. This ensures firm support despite the otherwise flexible nature of the material. However, as earlier stated the support is not as adequate as what you get from firmer materials. So you might have to compromise on this in order to enjoy everything else that AdapLite has to offer.

• Accufoam 3D dots layers

These are what makes this shoe a striker’s dream. The dots like both the inner and outer surfaces of the shoe. They are meant to increase grip when the ball gets into contact with the striker’s foot. This allows you as the striker to control the ball for more accurate shooting. No more worrying about the ball sliding off the surface of your shoe for an awkward and misdirected shot.

The Accufoam dots also offer some recoil effect which increases the power of the shot. I don’t know if it’s the shoes or that my kids are getting better but those shots have been traveling much farther since he started using them.

• Conical and Bladed studs combination

This is one of my favorite features of these cleats and you might like it too if you value versatility. The Pumas have both conical and blade-shaped studs. The conical ones offer great balance and flexibility which comes in handy if you are moving around the field a lot.

The blades on the other hand offer really good traction and grip. I found that this comes in really handy when they are worn for games played on soft ground pitches. However, the combination of these two stud designs means that you can pretty much use them on any type of field.

What other users think about the pair

Before making my decision to settle on this pair, I wanted to see what other people who had bought them thought about it. And from what I saw it is easy to conclude that this is a very popular pair of soccer shoes. Generally, people seem to really appreciate the comfort features and the overall lightweight nature of the cleats. The versatility offered by the stud design as well as the firm fit AdapLite design is also common causes for the pair’s popularity.

3 Alternatives you might want to consider

Before settling on this pair, I had considered a few other cleats. Below is what I liked about them. They didn’t do it for me but their unique features might be worth considering if you feel that this Puma model is not what you are looking for.

1. PUMA Men’s evoTOUCH Pro Soccer Shoe


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The key difference between this Puma model and the Evopower Vigor 1 model is the fact that Evotouch features leather as the upper material. This makes it a lot stiffer and the better option if you want a lot of support. The downside is that this design makes them significantly heavier which might not be very comfortable. The leather is also a bit slippery which makes it less accurate than the studded surface on Evopower. Below is a summary of the differences that make it an option worth considering.

  • Conical studs for grip on soft ground. This makes it a great option to consider if you play the position of goalkeeper or defender.
  • Excellent support from the firm leather for continuous running.
  • Speed track spine that offers torsional stability.

2. Adidas Men’s Soccer X 16+ PureChaos Cleats


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This is another great shoe for strikers with the dot studded exterior meant to ensure great ball control. The main difference is the presence of a Sprintframe outsole. As the name suggests, this is meant to give maximum support and resistance to your foot for stability and speed while sprinting. However, they tend to be a little uncomfortable as a result of the compression. Below are a few other differences that make this pair worth looking into.

  • It has a knit mid-cut design which is great for multiple foot arch types. That way you are guaranteed stability whether you have a high arch or you are flat-footed.
  • Synthetic material on the outsole and upper part of the shoe make it light.
  • It features Techfit construction for additional support and foot stability.

3. NIKE Men’s Magista Obra II Soccer Shoes


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These have a combination of leather and mesh for the upper part of the shoe. The mesh is a particularly beneficial feature for the sake of flexibility and aeration within the shoe. However, they tend to be narrow which can be uncomfortable if you have wide feet. This is why we disqualified it as an option. However, it could be a great choice for you if you want that combination of comfort and firm support. Below are a few other unique features that make it a good alternative.

  • Padded sole for additional comfort.
  • Easy slip-in wearing design with firm sock support. This ensures stability.

Final verdict

All factors and features considered I am happy with the Puma evoPOWER Vigor 1 cleats. They are comfortable and great for ball control which I find the ideal for strikers and midfielders on my team. If you are looking for the same from high quality and very well constructed shoes then this is definitely a pair worth considering.


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