Best Youth Soccer Cleats

What’s up, guys? We have got the very best top 10 boots specifically for kids.

We will be looking at the FG type of soccer cleats here. If your child is playing indoors on the hardwood, you may want to check our indoor soccer shoes guide.

So, let’s find out the pros and cons of each soccer cleats pair. Have a look below at the best youth soccer cleats.

Top 5 Comparison of the Best Youth Soccer Cleats

1. Adidas X 17+ Pure Speed


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At #1 it’s the Adidas X 17+ Pure Speed, costing around $115 (2018 July), not bad value for money just over Puma Future 18.1. These boots are worn by the famous Mohamed Salah from Liverpool FC who is proving he is a true world-class footballer. So many things I love about these boots. These are actually my personal favorite boots from the three stripes (Adidas to be exact). The design, the color, the weight, the technology, the fit, the comfort, the upper materials. Honestly, these are some of the best youth soccer cleats around which makes them the overall perfect boot. There’s really no negatives about these but if you guys want a little cheaper soccer cleats with similar qualities, you can get a 17.1, the 17.3, or the 17.4.

2. Puma Future 18.1

Puma-Future-18.1 Puma Future 18.1 Best Youth Soccer Cleats No2

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Second place and silver medal, you guys might be a little bit surprised but we have given it to the Puma Future 18.1. And these are worn by Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann. Now the great thing about these boots for youth is that they are exactly the same as the adult version. At this price, you really do want a good level put up and the Future 18.1 are the same for youth as the same for adults. I love the entire concept with this new lacing system, I think it’s very cool. Kids want a cool product and that’s what the Futures are. The upper though is very good quality as well. The synthetic upper is very grippy, very soft, and flexible right out of the box, so very high quality overall. These cleats are also quite wide so perfect for kids that have wide feet.

But for some youth, the lacing system might just be a little bit too difficult to actually grasp. So what I would suggest is do the laces up to the top and never really change them too much. But if you guys don’t want 18.1, you can get the 18.3 or 18.4 if you want the Puma Futures at a more affordable price.

3. Adidas Predator 18+

Adidas-Predator-18+Best Youth Soccer Cleats No 3

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Coming in at #3 and taking our bronze position is the Adidas Predator 18+. Now, these are actually a little bit cheaper than the Puma Future 18.1. Paul Pogba is the main player for the Predator 18+ from Manchester United. Now some of my favorite things about the Predator 18+ are what I mentioned when talking about the Predator 18.1. This control skin in the upper is so lovely to feel and also play in. It’s so soft straight out of the box just like butter, flexible and also there’s such a high level of grip as well. In terms of synthetic uppers, I think this might be my favourite from any boot on the market right now.

Now the slight negative is that they are just a little bit expensive for youth. That could just be too much and that goes for parents as well. And also because there are no laces although it is cool, young players can’t customize the fit. But of course, you can get the 18.1 or the 18.3 or 18.4.

4. Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite

Nike-Tiempo-Legend-VII-Elite Best Youth Soccer Cleats No4

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Just missing out on our top 3 is the Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite coming in at #4. Now, the first thing to mention is that these boots are incredibly good value for money which also makes them the cheapest boot in our entire top 10 list. Sergio Ramos is their main player to lace up in these boots. Alongside some other world-class defenders. Now, my favorite thing about the Tiempo legend VII Elite is that premium tailor, the upper is so soft and flexible which also makes the boot very comfortable as well. Most of the boots we featured are all about performance but the legend VII Elite is all about comfort with the high-quality leather.

Now the only problems are these are much more like the adults pro version rather than adult elite version. And there’s also no pro for youth either, just academies or clubs.

5. Nike Magista Obra 2 Elite

Nike-Magista-Obra-2-Elite Best Youth Soccer Cleats No5

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We’re at our halfway stage #5 and also out third Nike boot is the Magista Obra 2 Elite. They’re no Superfly and also High Venom Elite models. Kevin De Bruyne is their main player for the Magista Obra 2 Elite, smashing it for Manchester City in the Premier League. Now, the best thing about the Obra 2 for kids is that they are exactly the same one-for-one with the adults Obra 2 Elite. The color, the upper, the technology, and even the soleplate are exactly the same. But if you just hold on a couple of months, maybe Nike are going to upgrade the Magista to the Obra 3 or maybe bring out a brand new generation. Now, there isn’t Obra 2 pro. There’s only the academy or the club variations if you want a scaled-down version.

6. Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility

Adidas-Nemeziz-17+ 360-Agility Best Youth Soccer Cleats No6

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#6 And we now got the Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility. Roberto Firmino is the main player for the 17+ Nemeziz, whereas Lionel Messi prefers the Nemeziz 17.1. Now, my favorite thing about the Kids Nemeziz 17+ is that they’re almost one-for-one with the expensive elite adult version, quality materials just like the 17.1, agility knit, agility bandage, torsion tape and also dual lock collar. These are incredible. They fit very compressive so very good for responsiveness.

But that also brings me on to the slight negatives. First of all, they are expensive and secondly, because their agility bandage is so compressed and snug-fitting, they can just be too aggressive fitting for young footballers. If you don’t want a 17+, you guys can get the 17.1. There isn’t a 17.2 but there is the Nemeziz 17.3 or 17.4 which are much more affordable.

7. Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite

Nike-Mercurial-Superfly-6-Elite Best Youth Soccer Cleats No7

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#7 And these are the boots you’ve all been waiting to see, the Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite. Now, just like those High Venoms – very expensive for young footballers. But of course, are headlined by Cristiano Ronaldo. So many young footballers look up to and admire CR7 which is why they want these boots. But alongside that, the Superfly 6 Elite has lovely color ways, amazing designs, and also powerful effect which is why they are so appealing to young footballers. But alongside that, they’ve also got a very nice sock-like fit because those knitting materials Nike actually use. And in hand and on feet, they feel very lightweight which is great for those smaller young footballers who don’t want bulky, clumsy, heavy football boots weighing them down.

Now, the slight negatives are they are very expensive. Asking your parents to pay for them especially when your feet are growing fast is a lot of money and also the Kids Elite version is much more like the adults pro version.

So going on to the other alternative models, if you are a fan of the Vapor, there is no Vapor 12 Elite for kids. There’s only the academy or the club models which is exactly the same for the Superfly.

8. Adidas Predator 18.1

Adidas-Predator-18.1 Best Youth Soccer Cleats No8

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Into #8 and this time we got our forth Adidas boot, their Predator 18.1. And just like Nemeziz 17.1, cost around $115, so pretty fairly priced. One of their main players for this boot is Manchester United’s Nemanja Matić. Now, some of my favorite things about Predator 18.1 has to be that synthetic controls in upper, super high quality, straight out the box of soft and flexible. But once you’ve broken in after several uses, that control skin becomes even softer and even more flexible. And of course, they also feature laces so you young players can also customize the fit which the 18+ Predator can.

But there is the one slight negative. Although the controls in the upper are very nice and very high quality, it just isn’t the same supreme buttoners as the 18+ predator. Now, if you guys don’t want to spend in the 18.1, you can get the cheaper 18.3 or 18.4 but there’s no 18.2 scaled-down version.

9. Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF Elite

Nike-Hypervenom-Phantom-III-DF-Elite Best Youth Soccer Cleats No9

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Next up in our #9, we have got the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF Elite. Now, the first thing to mention is that these are quite a bit more expensive than the Predator 18.1. So they’re definitely more suited to those elite young players. Robert Lewandowski is their main player for the Phantom III DF.

Now, these are one of my favorite boots as well in the market and some of my favorite features is of course that Nike skin and Flyknit upper. It really is very soft and flexible and also gives a nice grip on the ball as well. These are packed with technology. We’ve got pouring pods inside the upper Flywire cables, and of course the dynamic fit collar. So they’re the main positives of the HyperVenom alongside the overall quite poor-looking design.

Now, there are some negatives as well. They are expensive, so for some kids, they are just too expensive straightaway. They’ve also got that dynamic color and for some young kids, they can be quite tough to put on by themselves. And when we flip the boots over, we can see that at least in the youth version of the Phantom III DF Elite, they don’t come with hyper-reactive technology.

So if you guys don’t want the elite version, unfortunately, there is no pro model but there is the academy and also the club.

10. Adidas Nemeziz 17.2

nemeziz-17.2 Best Youth Soccer Cleats No10

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At #10 is the Adidas Nemeziz 17.2. Now, this is one of my own personal favorite model from Adidas. They cost about $115, so not the most expensive youth soccer shoes out there because in the list, there are models that are significantly more expensive. Now, of course, the main headline player for Adidas with their Nemeziz 17.1 is the main man, Lionel Messi, who prefers the 17.1 over the more elite 17+.

Now, the big positives about the Nemeziz 17.1 is that as I said, they aren’t overly expensive. Alongside that, there are some seriously high-quality materials and a lot of different ones as well. We’ve got agility knit, torsion tape, agility bandage, and a dual lock collar which makes it a very high-performing boot. Which does also bring us on to the slight negatives as well.

Because they are so high-performing, different types of bandage materials, they can just fit a little bit too snug and aggressive for some young players. Now, if you guys don’t want to spend $100+ for Nemeziz 17.2, maybe your feet are growing quickly, you can get some scaled-down Nemeziz as well. There’s no Nemeziz 17.2 but there are more affordable 17.3 and 17.4 options.


So these boots, in our opinion, are the very best for kids but what about you guys? You’ve seen 10 today, which one would you actually get yourselves. Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Cheers!


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