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Unexpected Innovation that Works!

I have pretty wide feet, and finding the right soccer footwear has always been a problem for me. There have always been some models that I liked, but I really had to look for them. And it should have been done anyway because the wrong footwear significantly limited my performance.

If you also have that issue, then let me introduce Puma Future 18.1 Netfit review to you.

Things to consider before buying soccer cleats

We’ll be talking about a high-end pair of soccer cleats. Such cleats are more suitable for non-casual players who are looking for maximum performance and durability. Less experienced people probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate the advantages of cleats similar to Future 18.1 Netfit.

Before you decide whether or not you are going to buy any cleats, think about what you need in them. Is it protection, speed, maneuverability, or anything else? Besides, try to remember all the issues you’ve had with your older cleats. Maybe Future 18.1 Netfit has the medicine for your problems.

What is Puma Future 18.1 Netfit?

With their Future 18.1 Netfit, Puma really sought to be innovative. And they did it!

Puma has actually released a small line of Netfit soccer cleats, with 18.1 being their high-end model that is competing with a whole lot of cleats from other manufacturers, like Adidas Predator or Nike Mercurial Superfly. Those all are definitely great shoes, but none of them is as remarkable to me as Puma Future 18.1 Netfit.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these cleats are better, but they definitely catch the eye.

So the way I see it, these cleats are perfect for wide-feet soccer players who absolutely require speed and lightness. Manoeuvring, accelerating, kicking – all those feel great in these shoes to me. Especially if you are an attacking midfielder of striker. You’ll understand why in a bit when I dive in the features deeper.

  • Well-balanced performance
  • Very light and comfy.
  • Soft and flexible upper.
  • Short break-in.
  • Fully adjustable Netfit lacing system.
  • Fits a bit wide.
  • May lack protection.
  • The lacing system is very close to the upper, making lacing a bit tricky.
  • Feel and look a bit cheap.

Features & benefits

Fully adjustable lacing system

The first feature in these cleats that I want to talk about is its Netfit lacing system. This is the most remarkable thing in these cleats.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the cleats’ upper is covered by a honeycomb-like net. That is the Netfit system. Covering the front and the sides of the cleats, it is designed to allow you to configure the lacing in whatever way you like.

The difference that the Netfit can make will wary. Some players will feel it more, some won’t feel it at all, probably depending on their skill. But it’s definitely not some fancy feature that is pointless.


In fact, if you have normal or narrow feet, the Netfit lacing system may allow you to compensate for the wide feel of the toebox and make the shoes fit tighter. I’d recommend you to go for half a size smaller though instead of trying to rely on the Netfit.

Soft and flexible upper


The Netfit isn’t the only thing remarkable about the upper of the Future 18.1 Netfit cleats. The upper itself is made very soft and flexible, which allows several benefits.

First off, the break-in period in the cleats will most likely be very short, but it will depend on the wearer.

Another benefit of the flexible upper is that it can make maneuvering much easier. Speedier soccer players will probably benefit from this greatly.

AG/FG soleplate

Puma future 18.1 Netfit soleplate

Puma equipped the bottoms of their Future 18.1 Netfit shoes with a pretty noteworthy outsole that combines both conical and bladed studs in it. This is a thing that is called to make these shoes flexible and grippy both on AG and FG surfaces.

These shoes do look versatile, but skilled and experienced players will most likely want to opt for cleats that are specifically made for either AG or FG. I don’t really believe that a single pair of cleats can be great on every possible surface, but whether or not this is true for you will depend on your needs.

Social proof

I have also looked into what other people think about these shoes. And generally, our opinions were similar. These shoes are very highly rated.

Many people liked the Netfit lacing system and its lightness, as I expected. Likewise, some people disliked how wide these cleats were for their feet. For example, user reviews on the Amazon product page and on Puma’s website greatly testify to this.

Ultimate Soccer Cleats Guide


Puma Men’s EvoPower Vigor 1

EvoPower Vigor 1 FG shoes are specifically designed for firm ground, so they may be better than our today’s hero in this regard. These soccer shoes are rather inexpensive as well, so amateurs may want to choose them rather than Future 18.1 Netfit.

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Adidas Copa 19+

This one also is an FG pair of soccer cleats, but it is as remarkable as our today’s centerpiece. Copa 19+ shoes don’t have any laces!

Such an approach has both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, no laces will get between you and the ball. On the other, you don’t have any control over how well these cleats will fit you. You’ll need to find the perfect size to make them ideal for your feet.

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NIKE Superfly 6

And the last alternative is the relatively cheap Nike Superfly 6. These are designed for multi-ground use, much like Puma Future 18.1 Netfit, albeit they most likely won’t be as good of a shoe for experienced players. Superfly 6 Academy is in a lower price category, after all.

These cleats seem to run narrow, so soccer players with narrower feet may find that they are better for them than Future 18.1 Netfit.

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With Netfit being the most interesting feature of these cleats, Future 18.1 also has such things as lightness and comfort to offer. Fast players will likely appreciate this.

Besides, Puma Future 18.1 cleats may be ideal for players with wide feet. If you want to be at your peak at every match, then making sure that the footwear suits perfectly is crucial.

In the end, if you liked these cleats, then maybe you should check them out!


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