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Soccer can be a pretty intense sport in a competitive match. With all that fancy footwork, those tackles and shots on goal, our ankles can take some punishment.

That is why it is important to find the best soccer cleats with ankle support. We need to protect ourselves to stay fit enough for selection each game.

This guide showcases some top products in men’s, women’s and youth soccer shoes. 

Nike Mercurial superfly vi, high top cleat with ankle support


Best Men's Soccer Cleats with Ankle Support

First up we have five of the best soccer cleats for men.  This includes some new Nike soccer cleats and top Adidas soccer cleats.

These shoes are designed to offer the very best support for the ankle, and the rest of the foot.

At the same time, there are some great features for improving your game.

1. Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG Flyknit Mercurial Soccer Cleats


These Nike Soccer Cleats are sure to grab the attention of many soccer players because of the brand and the bold black and orange design. The list of soccer stars that wears these are more than impressive – Ronaldo, Neymar, Coutinho, Alves, Asensio, Hazard… The embossed speed ribs may be mostly for show, but there are other great details here. One of the stand out features here is the use of the built-in ankle sock for added support. You should find that this adds to the comfort provided from the soft lining, while also keeping the ankle stable. There is great freedom of movement here, but enough security in the fit and lace-up closure for added peace of mind.

  • A great fit for long-term comfort on the pitch
  • Plenty of comfort features, including the breathable materials and micro-textures
  • A good tread that is easy to clean after the game
  • The finer knit may not be as rigid and supportive as some tougher products

2. Adidas Men's Predator 18.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

If you want a soccer shoe that sounds like it will make an impact on the pitch, you can’t go wrong with a “predator”. Also, unlike the Superfly above, there are some bold color choices to help you make a statement. The main selling point here is the use of the clever ergonomic design and supporting ankle sock. This means that there is plenty of support where you need it the most. However, the curves mimic a typical heal shape so it all feels natural. The snug fit on the ankle adds to the stability.

  • Lot of attention to detail in the comfort
  • There is embossing on the upper for improved ball handling
  • They look great, especially for younger players
  • You may find that the sizes run a little narrow
  • You may also need to break the Adidas soccer cleats predator in a bit

3. Adidas Copa X 17.1 FG Cleat Men's Soccer Cleats

Sticking with Adidas, this Copa men’s model takes a different approach in the ankle support. The models above have a lighter, more flexible ankle sock. Here there is something a bit more rigid for extra support. This Dual Lock Collar gives the shoe a different look, more like a cross between a sneaker and a soccer boot. Support within the shoe also comes from the torsion tapes and agility bandages around the foot. This should mean that you get a compression feel without feeling weighed down.

  • Lots of professional players that like the fit and feel of these shoes
  • There is a nice outsole that lowers the weight of the product
  • Nice laceless strike zone for pure contact on the ball
  • You may find that they start to wear out with frequent use
  • Be aware that designs and colors vary between 2017 and 2018 models

4. NIKE Men's Hypervenom Phantom III

Going back to Nike, here we have a soccer show with a very different approach to the shape and design. The one-piece build has its benefits when it comes to the feel of the shoe and the comfort provided. There are no seams to rub against your foot during play and no tongue to slip into an awkward position. The promise here is a “new degree of lateral lockdown” for one of the most supportive shoes that Nike offer.

  • The amount of support on offer – from the cable wraps on the midfoot to the hybrid plate in the forefoot.
  • Foam pods increase the padding and shock absorption to help you play for longer
  • Surprisingly long-lasting
  • Looks really are subjective, but this isn’t the most stylish, attractive soccer shoe on this list
  • It can take a while to get used to putting these on because of the one-piece style

5. Adidas Men's Copa 18.2 Soccer Shoe

By comparison with the Hypervenom model above, these Adidas soccer shoes seem quite ordinary. You might not even realize that the all-black option is an Adidas shoe until closer inspection. There is ankle support here for those that need it, but you will soon see that it is not as pronounced. There should be just enough here around the back of the ankle and the top of the tongue, without going over the top. There is a nice simplicity in the design if you want something more understated.

  • A lightweight upper and tongue to help with long-term use
  • A good grip on the rubber sole
  • Most find they are a good fit, although they can run small
  • You may find that they are a little stiff at first
  • Some buyers question the durability of the new leather tongue

Best Women’s Soccer Cleats with Ankle Support

Next up, we have a series of shoes with a female buyer in mind. These products are great if you are a female player that wants the same standards as those offered to men. They focus on support around the ankle but also provide comfort and helpful features across the shoe.

1. Adidas Performance Women's Ace

The first of these women’s soccer cleats with ankle support is the Adidas Ace. There are two separate elements to the uppers of this shoe, with an extra piece of ankle support above the more traditional shape of the shoe. This means improved support in this area. Yet, it is not immediately clear that this is an add-on. In fact, there is a clean design here. The stand out element in the design is the choice of either gold stripes or an “electricity” colored sole.

  • This is a great looking shoe that doesn’t immediately look like a women’s knock-off
  • You should find great comfort with the mesh, padding and other comfort features
  • Built for a competitive match
  • Some find that the opening is a little narrow
  • These shoes do tend to run small

2. Leader Show Women's Performance Athletic Football Cleats


Buyers searching for the best women’s soccer cleats may also like the look of these alternative women’s shoes. If the Ace model above is simple and traditional, this one is the wilder option for those that want to make a statement. There is a bold pattern that runs across the tough upper and large ankle sock, which comes in a choice of colors. This ankle support is more than adequate for those concerned about their ankles.

  • That ankle support is accompanied by arch support and great elasticity
  • The uppers and outsole are built to last
  • Most wearers find that they are comfortable in the right size
  • You may have to order a size up because they run small.
  • Possibly better suited to teenagers than women

3. PUMA Women's Evospeed 3.2 FG

This next option is more of a typical sports shoe with some strong cleats for a competitive game of soccer. This approach does have its pros and cons. If this is the sort of understated style that you are after, you may appreciate the strength of the uppers, the rigid collar on the ankle and the secure lace-up closure. The patterns and color schemes are pretty cool too.

  • The studs are the star of the show here with the combination of cones and blades.
  • This tough, durable shoe is also pretty lightweight
  • Many find that they offer plenty of comfort
  • The low ankle support and tongue may be too minimal for those with ankle issues
  • Some find that the fit is a little narrow.

4. NIKE Hypervenom Phantom 3

With this Nike model, we are back in the territory of the big, bold shoes with a more prominent emphasis on ankle support. The large ankle sock on these shoes stands out just as much as the giant tick – and not just because of the color scheme. This is a sturdy, supportive sock that seamlessly runs into the rest of the shoe. It is bold and eye-catching. In fact, it holds its own against the men’s Hypervenom model.

  • A great choice of colors for women that want to make a statement.
  • You can be sure of great support with the fly knit sock, supportive cables and hybrid plate in the sole
  • You can also enjoy great comfort from the padding and foam pods
  • Some have had problems breaking these shoes in
  • There are also some concerns over the durability

5. Adidas Goletto VI Soccer Shoes

The last of these top women’s soccer cleats is perhaps the most feminine of the bunch. The soft blue color on the stripes and lining looks good with the coral studs. Still, some may view this as the feminine version of another product, and little more. Either way, Adidas claims that this was built for “stability and speed on firm ground”. This suggests that you should get plenty of support from this option.

  • The “classic” Adidas look will appeal to a lot of brand-loyal buyers
  • The strong uppers and studs provide enough durability for most players
  • You may also find that they are lighter than you would expect
  • The sneaker style support on the ankle may not be enough if you play super-competitively
  • There are mixed user reviews about the comfort offered

Best Youth High Top Soccer Cleats

Finally, there are some different options available for the younger players in our lives. It helps to provide them with a supportive shoe that will help to improve their strength and posture early on. A good shoe allows them to experience the game and improve their skills.

1. NIKE Junior Neymar Mercurial Victory

First up, we have another of Nike’s bold, interesting soccer shoes. There is a lot within the name of this shoe to appeal to your soccer-mad son. The reference to Neymar will prick up a few ears. The word victory never hurts when inspiring youngsters. Then there is the idea that this is a junior version of an adult shoe. The ankle support comes from a large sock for optimal compression.

  • Your kids can enjoy many of the same great design features as are found in top Nike soccer cleats.
  • The design on the shoe is quite grown-up and appealing to older children
  • There is great attention to detail with the ribbing, tongue-less design and padding
  • A little costly for a child’s soccer shoe
  • You may find they are difficult to put onto the foot of a smaller child

2. NIKE JR Superfly 6 Academy

There is a great emphasis on support with this child’s soccer cleat than with some other models here. The most important element has to be the dynamic fit collar. This larger, tight-fitting structure provides great ankle support. This feature is joined by a strong synthetic wrap on the upper and a sculpted arch in the insole. This is another Nike product that has a pretty grown-up look, but still adapts the fit for a younger audience.

  • There are some great comfort features with the lining and secure lacing
  • Your son may also appreciate the way that the micro-textured upper helps with ball control
  • There are also different color schemes to suit different tastes.
  • They may need a little breaking in, but not too much
  • Perhaps not as exciting as the “Neymar” model

3. Adidas Boys' X 17.3 FG

This is another kid’s soccer shoe where the emphasis on support and comfort is clear. There is a strong collar that holds the ankle in place. This is accompanied by the tech-fit compression upper that molds to the foot. Another interesting initial selling point here is that the designs are quite simple and unisex. There is the sense that even though this is marketed to boys, you could buy this for a girl.

  • This Adidas shoe shares many of the comfort features we have seen before in other models, including the lightweight.
  • The texture should help kids improve their ball control skills.
  • Many kids achieve almost instant comfort
  • There are the same issues with the big kid and little kid sizes as we mentioned before
  • Some kids will struggle to tie the round laces, so you may want to replace them

4. Adidas Boys' Nemeziz

adidas boys nemesziz 17.3

Next up, we have an Adidas soccer cleats youth model. This product takes many of the top features of a men’s Adidas soccer cleat and applies them to a younger market. This means that your son can have the same dual lock collar as his older siblings or father. This collar means great stability. There are also lots of patterns and colors for your kids to choose from.

  • Your kids have the chance to feel like a true pro with this replica version
  • There are some great performance features for ball control and responsive touch
  • Many kids find this comfortable enough at the right size
  • The sizing is limited with the “little kid” and “big kid” options
  • They are a bit tough on smaller, more delicate feet

5. WETIKE Youth Cleats

The final model here is one from a lesser-known brand. Still, the bold designs, shape, and interesting ankle support mean that it is an appealing budget alternative. There is a nice shape and height to the dynamic fit sock. This, the seamless fit, and the shape should provide plenty of support. The bright colors and black stripes will also help kids stand out from the crowd.

  • There are some nice details in the comfort features with the anti-microbial lining and seamless fit
  • There are ribs and textures to help with ball control
  • Many parents are pleased with the fit, especially at this lower price point
  • There is a heavy emphasis on using the shoes on artificial turf, not real turf
  • Some feel that the back of the shoe could be softer

What's important when buying soccer cleats for ankle support?

So you really like to play soccer… …but have weak ankles? With time your ankles should become stronger but until then; There are some things to consider before buying soccer cleats that can strengthen your ankles. 


Soccer Boots for Weak Ankles Buying Guide

This guide is only about ankle support. You can find The Ultimate Soccer Cleats Guide here. The first thing to think about here is the design around the ankle of a high top cleats soccer shoe. There are different approaches with the minimal, rigid high top support in some shoes, and a more flexible ankle sock in others. The choice may depend on your personal condition and preferences. Then you need to think about the additional support and comfort features on offer. This shoe can’t be all about the ankle support, with nothing around the foot or in the sole. You need to feel secure and in control at all times.

Some of the options above are the most comfortable men/youth/women’s soccer cleats around. Still, the designers all take different approaches. Also, remember that this is a sports shoe and not a therapeutic aid. This isn’t some low-grade shoe to fix an ankle issue and offer rehab. This is a high-end soccer shoe you can rely upon for a great game. This is where you need to consider the lacing, texture weight and more.

Finally, don’t be afraid to opt for something with a bit of style. There are some basic looking models that get the job done, but you don’t have to sacrifice color and design for support. If you want your shoes to shine like a beacon on the pitch then go for it.

Other Ways to Increase Ankle Support while Playing Soccer

These top soccer shoes for ankle support are a great way to improve the stability of the joint while playing. These shoes ensure that you can have all the support that you need in one single product.

This created cohesion between the ankle support and that in the heel or foot. But, there are other options out there. If you are rehabbing an injury or have fears about playing your next match, you could use some additional supports.

Ankle compression wraps help players keep their foot at the right angle during play and in the perfect position. This means that there is less chance of you turning the ankle or spraining any muscles or ligaments. Tape can also help if there is a specific area causing a problem.

Top Ankle Compression Wraps

You may also find that your ankle stability issues are the result of weaknesses in the joints and muscles. This is more likely if you are new to playing soccer, or have minimal experience with physical sports and exercise. It can help to take the time to strengthen your calf muscles and foot muscles during your weekly exercise regimes. This will allow you to improve posture and reduce the risk of injury. This also means less reliance on additional aids while playing.

It's Your Turn Now

If you are in need of greater support and peace of mind while playing soccer – or are scared for the safety of a loved one – these top soccer cleats can help. These best men’s, best youth, and best women’s soccer cleats reviews highlight the pros and cons of top models. Some are more stylish or interesting than others, but they all have strong ankle support. Compare the different products carefully to find the best fit for you. And let me know your decision below!


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