Neymar Nike Hypervenom Indoor Soccer Shoes Review

Nike Hypervenom NeymarX Proximo Indoor Shoes









  • Synthetic and leather
  • High performance molded design
  • Ultra Soft Leather for superior comfort and ball feel


  • Do not stretch
  • Can be lighter

We are going to talk about Nike hypervenom indoor soccer shoes. To be precise the new Neymar Nike Hypervenomx Proximo Ousadia Alegria. Inside the box they do include a string bag that go along with the shoes. The string bag is the same you get with the Phantom 2. It features the black on black pattern you’ll find on the shoes, black strings, a bright crimson Nike Swoosh on the front, the pattern continues on the back and of course Neymar logo at the bottom.

Now let’s take a closer look at what is a limited edition colorway release of the Hypervenomx Proximo in Neymar’s Ousadia Alegria colorway. Which looks really cool. So we’re going to cover in this review:

  • General aesthetics of the shoes,
  • Take a closer look and see how this particular color differs from the regular Phantom 2 Armor,
  • Tech specs,
  • Performance features,
  • Take a look at the weight,
  • Talk about these indoor soccer shoes fit and feel on feet,
  • Cover everything that you need to know about the Nike hypervenom indoor soccer shoes in this particular color way.

If you’re interested in the pair for yourself this shoe is available in the indoor as well as turf variation. Nike did not do this color way for the rest of the Hypervenom X models, just the Proximo. You may be able to pick these guys up around $160 retail price. These are $10 more than the standard colorways just because it is limited edition.

General Aesthetics of the Nike Hypervenom Indoor Soccer Shoes

Let’s get right into the review to start things off with take a closer look at the colorway. The upper on this shoe is pretty much no different from the Phantom 2 in this exact Neymar signature colorway. Aside from some very small little details. For the pattern it’s the blown up apart in the blown up fist on both the left and right shoes. They are technically different from each other which is a pretty cool little detail. When you’re up close with the shoe you do have the bright crimson red color for the Nike swoosh on the front and back as well as the Neymar logo right there on the medial side. You’ll find your Nike skin branding in silver. It has black laces, it has the black Flyknit element on with the bright crimson ring at the top. Then of course the middle layer of flying is bright crimson as well. So when the collar stretches out it reveals that bright red color.

Moving on to the midsole area. Running along the edge of the sole you’re going to find some sandpaper like texturing and solid black, which is a small little different specific to the indoor variation. You’re going to find the black midsole. Which is normal Proximo element but it’s solid black in color. And the outsole which is really nice. It’s translucent all the way through the front part of the shoe whereas the back is a black translucent. So very cool look the turf version is also translucent with the same fade but it looks a little bit different.

Tech Specs of the Nike Hypervenom Indoor Soccer Shoes

Let’s move on to the tech specs so we can learn a little bit more about the overall performance. As far as performance is concerned the HypervenomX Proximo is essentially an indoor version of the Phantom 2. It has the exact same upper but obviously with an indoor bottom and a foam midsole. So the upper is the same Nike skin upper you would find on a Phantom 2. It’s got a very firm feel to it.

If you like softness from your shoes this definitely doesn’t have what you’re looking for. It’s thin and has a barefoot feel, has a very penny sensation due to the lack of softness and it’s just more rigid than you might expect from a high-end soccer shoe. For that reason it really isn’t for everybody.

You have some texturing on the surface of the upper that really doesn’t impact performance in any major way. But what you do get from the firmness and just solid structure of this upper is a very responsive sensation. The combination of the firmer Nike skins synthetic as well as the fly wire cables that run from the base of the sole into the lacing system. When you slide your foot in this shoe and tie the laces tight it is locked in place very securely. When you are making those quick cuts and changes of direction there’s no movement in the upper.

The laces are off centered which does make for a slightly cleaner kicking surface in the strike zone on your foot. But not something that has a major impact on performance. The central part of the upper where the tongue would normally be located is made from elasticated Flyknit that’s attached directly to one piece collar. It does have a midcut design which changes up the fit and feel in the heel area. Also, it does have an internal plastic heel counter like the regular Phantom 2.

The middle is foam and is kind of a medium thickness when you’re comparing it to the other Nike indoor models or turf models.

Moving on to the bottom – is the same across all the Nike X models whether is the Hypervenom, the Magista or the Mercurial X they are all exactly the same. They have hexagon pattern that works really well, it provides really good traction on pretty much any kind of hard flat surface. if you want to use these for street soccer, they hold up pretty well based on my personal experience with them. If you’re playing on turf there is a turf variation available that has all the same elements with the upper and midsole, just with the turf nubs on the bottom of the outsole.

Weight of the Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes Hypervenom

In terms of weight the Hypervenomx Proximo is relatively light for an indoor shoe. A brand new pair in a size 9 weighs 9.15 Oz equivalent of 259 grams. These aren’t the lightest indoor shoes and not the heaviest. You’re unlikely to have any issues with the weight of the HypervenomX.

Fit and Feel on the Foot

Nike hypervenom indoor soccer shoes definitely sinks and fit on the feet and it actually has the exact same upper as the Hypervenom Phantom II. So, for that reason it does feel quite similar. Is it exactly the same? No, this one does have kind of slightly higher volume fit and a lot of that just has to do with the foam bottom. These soccer shoes are a little bit more comfortable than the regular Phantom 2 but not by much. It still has that very firm upper. It doesn’t soften up ,it doesn’t have any kind of softness to it. But it will get a little bit more flexible overtime.

As far as the fit in heel is concerned this is a midcut model from Nike so it has that same fit to heel as all the regular models whether it’s an indoor or outdoor shoe. Beak them in slowly, take your time with them and don’t wear them straight into a game or straight into a free-kick session.

Width – it’s a tight fitting shoe but it certainly isn’t overly narrow. They will be suitable for most foot types but just keep in mind they aren’t going to stretch. The way they fit out of the box is the way they’ll fit for their entire life. So, if you have really wide feet maybe it’s not the best option for you but otherwise they fit most people pretty well.

Do you have wide feet? Check our guide on Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet.

Sizing – I’m wearing my usual size 9 US and the length is absolutely perfect. I would strongly recommend going true size in order to achieve the best possible fit.

This is all for my review of the Neymar Nike HypervenomX Proximo indoor soccer shoes. If you guys are interested in a pair for yourself be sure to check the best price just below.

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