What Are the Best Soccer Ball Brands?

There are numerous brands in the market that are selling soccer ball – Nike, Adidas, Select, Knuckle-it. For a newbie soccer enthusiast, choosing a quality soccer ball among all these brands can turn out to be a daunting task. Most of them make the obvious mistake of checking the price tag to determine which one to buy. The truth is there are more important indicators that will help you find a ball that offers you maximum value. If you are still new to the game of soccer, consider the following features when you go to purchase a soccer ball.



A novice soccer player may not know this but size is a crucial factor in soccer balls. Finding the right size will determine how well the ball serves its purpose. In many cases, different sizes are recommended for different age groups. For instance, size 3 is recommended for younger players while size 4 is recommended for pre-teen gamers. On the other hand, size 5 is thought to be ideal for teens and adults.


The weight of the ball is something you should also look out for. More often than not, a lighter ball is better than a heavier one. Besides, a hard ball is more likely to hurt your feet when playing and even lead to an injury in the worst case scenario. However, do not choose a ball that is too light or too soft. This is because they happen to be too bouncy and their trajectory is easily affected by the wind. To be safe, go for something in-between!


Most of the cheap balls you’ll find being sold are usually made from PVC or other affordable materials. If you are looking for a better quality ball, one made of rubber or synthetics will definitely be a good choice. Alternatively, you can decide to go for products from renowned manufacturers like Nike or Adidas just to be sure.

Indoor or Outdoor

Before you purchase a soccer ball, it is critical to consider the location and environment in which you are going to be playing. Some balls are specifically designed to be used indoors and some outdoors. Depending on the location of the playground you’ll be using, choose a ball that meets the specification as provided by the manufacturer.

Stitched or Laminated

Another important aspect of the ball that needs examining is whether it has been stitched or laminated. Lamination simply means that the ball has been glued together and the surface will generally be hard. Such balls will also not last in hot or wet conditions because the glue starts to lose its binding power. The better quality balls are usually stitched, and it even gets better when the stitching is done by hand.


Sometimes the fastest and easiest way to find a quality soccer ball is to look at the reputation of the manufacturer. By doing your own research or asking a more experienced person to recommend to you a brand, the process of searching for a quality ball will be expedited tremendously. If you find the words “FIFA inspected” or “FIFA approved”, it may be a good sign…though any sneaky manufacturers will probably fake this!


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