Lightest Soccer Cleats – Top 5 Best – UPDATED 2020

A comfortable and good-fitting pair of soccer cleats can make all the difference between a great and a bad game on the pitch. The weight of a boot directly affects the performance of a player on the football pitch and is something that every soccer player checks before purchasing his boots. The lightest cleats are known as ‘speed’ cleats and are generally made from ultra-thin lightweight synthetic materials.

nike mercurial soccer cleats

Big brands like Adidas, Nike and others have been consistently trying to come up with the lightest soccer cleats aimed at boosting the speed and agility of players on the stage. The market of soccer cleats changes at a fast pace and with so many options to choose from, the decision can be a bit difficult. To help you select the lightest soccer cleats, we have reviewed the top five options so that you are not too weighed down.

Soccer Cleats Weight – How Much Do Soccer Cleats Weigh On An Average?

As the weight of the cleats has a huge impact on the speed and agility, it is an important factor to take into consideration when deciding on the right soccer cleats. The average weight of soccer cleats, a few years ago, was about 9.5 Oz. However, it has changed and the average today stands near to 8 Oz.

The trend of using the lightest cleats shows how important they are on the pitch, particularly for those strikers whose performance depends much on their quick feet. A boot that puts up unnecessary weight on the feet when on the pitch can affect the performance of the player adversely.

Lightest Soccer Cleats – Top 5 Best – Updated 2019

1. Adidas adiZero Prime – 145 gram / 5.1 oz

Lightest Soccer Cleats

One of the lightest boots ever created, adiZero Prime was launched in 2011 as an alternative to Adidas leather and microfiber versions. The ultra-light boot with a weight of 145 grams / 5.1 oz broke all records when it was launched and it still retains the reputation of being one of the best speed boots for soccer players. The lightweight design results from the special upper made from a single-layer of synthetic microfiber material.

This not only gives a ridiculously low weight but also an excellent touch on the ball. A bold white, slime, and anodized blue colorway offers a speed-inspired design to the boots while unique internal TPU support bands result in increased support and stability while protecting them against wear and tear. Triangular shaped studs provide maximum acceleration and sharper turning gives the fastest outsole.

2. Puma V1.815 Ferrari – 155 gram / 5.5 oz

Best Lightweight Football Cleats

Another excellent choice for lightweight soccer cleats is the fastest, lightest and elegant boot from Puma. These cleats are the result of the collaboration between Puma and Ferrari and with a weight of just 155 grams / 5.5 oz, present an ideal candidate for the perfect speed boots. The ultra-thin upper and light outer sole result in low weight and the impressive construction demonstrates the craftsmanship involved in making the boot.

The look of the boot is stunning with flowing lines of Puma stripe giving a sleek style. The classy Ferrari horse logo on the side adds a brilliant touch. It retains the agility, performance, and acceleration of Puma boots. The limited-edition is aimed at skill and speed players and promises to take their game to the next level.

3. Nike Green Speed – 160 gram / 5.6 oz

Introduced by Nike in 2012, the Green Speed was launched as the lightest ever Nike boot with a weight of 160 grams / 5.6 oz. It is the most environment-friendly boot ever made by Nike. It was later color-updated and equipped with AAC on the upper to give something more stylish to soccer players. The black and green Nike cleats are stripped of all the unnecessary elements to save resource waste and weight. The boot aims to give an explosive performance on the pitch while trying to minimize human impact on the Earth.

It is produced in Italy from degradable, recycled materials. The sole gives increased agility and strength on the pitch while the upper gives an elegant yet sharp touch on the ball. Special TPU bands provide the desired ‘lockdown effect’ keeping the foot in place with stability. It is also equipped with ‘All Conditions Control’ on the upper to give optimized ball control in all the conditions.

4. Puma EvoSpeed – 150 gram / 5.3 oz

Soccer Cleats Weight

Puma’s version of an ultra-lightweight soccer cleat, the EvoSpeed SL weighs just 150grams / 5.3 oz and offers a much-desired light and comfortable feel to players. These boots represent the speed boot evolution which takes the lightweight to an entirely new level. EvoSpeed is the lightest boot ever from the brand and retains the stud pattern and soleplate from the earlier models. These cleats are aimed at performing their best when used on natural grass with excellent stability and maneuverability.

The cleat comes with an ultra-thin textile upper which provides nearly barefoot touch on the ball while reducing the weight of the boot to give an extremely lightweight feel to the feet. The upper of the boot has the brand’s laser-cut SPEEDFRAME system that harnesses the foot in different conditions. The sole features SPEEDTRACK spines for torsional stability when striking the ball. The soleplate has a mix of bladed and conical studs to provide instant traction for enhanced acceleration and optimum speed on the pitch.

5. Adidas adiZero 99g – 99 gram / 3.5 oz

adidas adizero 88g lightest cleats

Representing the world’s lightest pair of football boots, the limited edition release of the adiZero 99g from Adidas is a great choice for a speed boot. The cleats feature a 1mm polyamide outsole and one-layer PU mesh upper. It is an ultra-lightweight model designed particularly for speed. The inner skeleton provides the required support and structure while the updated design ensures the fastest possible movements in all directions.

AdiZero 99g is at almost half the weight of a standard soccer cleat. The average weight of soccer cleats being 8 oz., this innovative shoe at just 3.5 oz is surely a breakthrough. Only 299 pairs of the game-changing adiZero 99g were released worldwide in size 9. The cleat is designed to make the players lighter as well as faster, giving them an edge on the field. The eye-catching shoe is tested rigorously for abrasion and tear strength falls within the speed range of adizero, and provides speed and agility to enhance a player’s performance. It also ensures that players are protected during competitive and fast games.


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