Best Wide Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer is similar to outdoor soccer in that having the right gear can make or break a player. You could say that the right indoor soccer shoes contributed to the success of great indoor soccer players like Andrew Hoxie, Ricky Greensfelder, Lucas Roque, etc.

Indoor soccer shoes are available from different brands and in many styles with designs based on other technologies. Additionally, they come in various sizes and widths, offering options for wide- and narrow-footed soccer players to find the right fit. 

The wrong-sized soccer shoes can affect your performance, and poor performance can cost you a game or, even worse, your career as a soccer player. Even if you are not looking for a professional soccer career, uncomfortable or improperly fitted shoes can lead to frustration, blisters, and even injury.

You need to have the right gear for a comfortable soccer experience, and finding the right fit for players with wide feet can be challenging. This challenge is why we decided to look at wide indoor shoes. 

After scouring the shoe market, we found our top recommendations. We also put together a guide with the dos and don’ts for looking for the best wide indoor soccer shoes. We hope that by the end of the article, you’ll be ready to shop for (and find) your perfect indoor soccer shoe.

What are the essential factors to consider when buying soccer shoes for wide feet? Read on to find out!

Quick Comparison of Best Wide Indoor Soccer Shoes

5 Best-rated wide indoor soccer shoes


Our Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


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For good reasons, this indoor shoe tops our list of the best wide indoor soccer shoes. Its upper material is kangaroo leather, making it a must-buy for every soccer player with wide feet. The Copa Mundial is like the grown-up version of the classic Samba (#2 on our list). It has better support on the heel, a durable reinforced toe, and a grown-up style. It is the indoor version of the outdoor Copa Mundial, which is also one of our favorites. They are both the “classic shoe that never dies.” It was first released in 1979 and has become a popular wide indoor soccer shoe.

You will require a break-in period. Unfortunately, that means you may leave the pitch with sore feet the first few times you play. But trust me, you won’t want to wear any other shoes after you stick it out and they break in!

  • Its upper material is kangaroo leather. Leather expands with time, making it the best for a soccer player with wide feet.
  • It features a dual-density outsole, which increases its comfort
  • It has immeasurable durability, further improving the soccer player’s performance.
  • Its die-cut EVA insole makes it lightweight.
  • Soccer shoes feel natural when worn.
  • It manages to look stylish on your feet despite its classic design.
  • It has been around for over 30 years, which gives an assurance of quality.
  • Moreover, it has a great feel and is designed to last.
  • The design is not as extravagant as the more recent models and brands.
  • The laces are a little tacky; they are old-school thick laces like the type found on workers’ boots.
  • Its design is not based on any modern-day technologies.
  • Break-in time can be uncomfortable. Your feet might hurt the first few times you wear them, but stick with them, and you will discover they are your favorite indoor shoes.


Our Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

adidas Performance Mens Samba Classic Wide Indoor Soccer Shoes

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This shoe is a classic indoor soccer shoe and was my first pair indoors. It is made especially for hard pitches and has an emotional effect on the wearers due to its solid build and durable stance. It comes with overlays and the trademark contrasting 3-stripes. Also, the outsole is made of pivot-point rubber and ensures a firm grip on the ground. Its upper shoe part is covered by sleek-looking suede and is also protected by soft leather. Because it is genuine leather, it will expand as you break the shoe in. This shoe ranks among the best soccer shoes ever produced by Adidas since its operation in 1920.

  • Its legendary state further promotes its popularity, making it sell faster than many others in its category.
  • Its pivot-point rubber outsole ensures a very firm grip and ultimate control during games.
  • It is built with leather, making it a trustworthy wide soccer shoe.
  • The brand name in itself gives an assurance of quality.
  • It is light in weight thanks to its die-cut EVA insole
  • Plus, they cost less than $100.
  • The prospective buyer will have to downsize by a size or two to get the proper fit.
  • Some consider it to be too bulky compared to other shoes.
  • The white version lacks the Adidas logo underside of the tongue.

3. PUMA Men’s Super Liga Og Sneaker

Our Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

PUMA Men's Super Liga Og Sneaker

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PUMA brands are built to fuse the fashion and lifestyle of the soccer player. It is the one indoor soccer shoe with virtually all the essential features required by any serious indoor soccer player, promoting top performance. The upper combines natural suede and synthetic leather, offering a super soft feel and touch. The Super Liga is Puma’s answer to the Adidas Samba. Like the Samba, they are cut wide to accommodate a wider foot. Plus, the leather upper will stretch to match your foot.

  • It is made of a combination of textile and leather, which promotes durability and longevity.
  • Features toe reinforcement for improved protection.
  • The classic look appeals to a broad audience.
  • Its honeycomb rubber sole offers excellent grip and comfort.
  • It is strong enough to bear the stress of a soccer game
  • No lateral sliding
  • Some players have noticed that it is not as durable as the Samba.


Our Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

ADIDAS copa sense 3 sala

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Adidas Copa Sense .3 Sala indoor soccer shoes are synthetic indoor wide soccer shoes. Even though synthetic, you will find them to be the perfect choice for your wide feet. The seamless upper molds to your foot. This is great for wide feet! The synthetic mesh quarter keeps the shoe breathable, and the synthetic leather forefront offers a soft touch for better control. The U-Throat collar makes it easy to put on, but laces provide a comfortable but snug locked-down feel.

The rubber outsole has been improved and is specifically made for hard indoor surfaces, making it perfect for futsal. But the boot can also be used on other indoor pitches such as short-bladed synthetic turf. You won’t slip or slide when stopping or cutting. Plus, thanks to this design, the foot can bend without any limitation.

  • It is light in weight; it equally mixes top-line performance with comfort. Additionally, it is exclusively classy in design.
  • The touch is great, same for the control.
  • Comes in a variety of colors. 
  • The upper part is smooth to the touch and removes any hindrance on the field of play
  • It has an inner sock construction that gives the player a natural, uninterrupted, and personal feel.
  • It is easy to wear and provides a soft sensation that makes the player feel closer to the ball.
  • Another great soocer shoe in the adidas Copa Sense line .
  • It equally has a non-marking gum-rubber outsole for better durability.
  • Secure snug lacing, but easy to put, even with wide feet. 
  • It is synthetic in build, which can hamper its fit and longevity.


Our Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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A stylishly designed futsal shoe. With a look that is timeless and is built based on modern technology. Fans have bombarded this boot with a lot of positive comments since it was first unveiled to the market. It has a mature look that many old players find irresistible.

Additionally, it features a technologically advanced, modern, and traditional look that makes it stand out. The quality makes it the perfect buy for any serious player in need of the best wide indoor soccer shoes. Moreover, it competes well with the Copa Mundial, though the latter is seen as the grandfather of football boots.

  • It is built for durability and comfort, which are essential features required for playing.
  • It features a leather upper part that provides adequate cover for your feet, which puts it among the best wide indoor soccer shoes. The leather material molds easily and perfectly into the feet.
  • It provides adequate flexibility for easy foot movement and improves the performance of the soccer player.
  • The TPU outsole is light in weight. The insole board also provides a smooth transition when playing.
  • It is affordable compared to other variants.
  • It is a high performing, timeless, and classic in design.
  • Can be bought for less than $100.
  • Additionally, it features a modern nature that confers a fresh edge on it.
  • Kelme is relatively large compared to many other major indoor shoe manufacturers. Therefore, a buyer needs to go down half a size to what he/she would wear normally for the right fit.

Synthetic or leather soccer shoes

Synthetic soccer shoes are great, but they are not as good as leather soccer shoes. So, you should always choose a pair of soccer shoes made from leather for longevity and durability. Synthetic wide soccer shoes are not adequately elastic. Consequently, they can cause blisters and serious discomfort to the wearers. On the other hand, leather material is natural and stretches easily. It can, therefore, mold to the shape of the foot; this will improve comfort and also optimize the way you play. Such shoes will fit snugly to the feet and keep accidents at bay. The leather shoe is very easy to maintain; just keep it soft and dry at all times. Wide indoor soccer shoes made of synthetic materials can get damaged easily, but the reverse is the case with those made of leather.

Furthermore, leather is the best for those who do not fit into soccer shoes regularly. The Adidas Copa Municipal is a very good example of leather soccer shoes. Leather shoes can still stretch even in the presence of a foam support cage since the stretching abilities are never hindered by the foam.

Touch, speed, and control

Aside from the material, you should also consider the level of control, speed, and touch offered by the soccer shoes. The best wide indoor soccer shoes must be comfortable and well-fitting. The traditional leather heritage-styled boots fit this profile, making them the best to buy. Such soccer shoes improve control and speed, enabling you to navigate the field of play easily.

Furthermore, look for a pair of soccer shoes that give you freedom of movement. The boot must also be very light to improve control, speed, and touch.

The brand

The brand is another factor to consider when shopping for the best wide indoor soccer shoes. Many brands of wide indoor soccer shoes are available today and can confuse many individuals buying wide indoor soccer shoes for the first time. Individuals having wide feet should steer clear of many Adidas boots since they rarely stretch adequately and are usually narrower. Experience has shown that Nike soccer shoes are generally uncomfortable for wide-footed individuals; though the designs are impressive. You should, however, avoid them except you want to sacrifice your comfort for sexy design.

The right fit

The boot must not be too long when worn. You should test it before you place your money on it; this is why you should buy the shoes from a brick-and-mortar outlet instead of an online outlet. When buying the shoes, go for a slightly tight pair; this is because leather tends to stretch and soften over time. You should also avoid soccer shoes like Nike Magista Obra/Opus; they may look nice, but they are narrow and can only fit moderately-sized feet. However, individuals with wide feet will find the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III and III DF a perfect choice, according to Excessively tight soccer shoes may end up giving you irritating feelings in your feet.

Return policy

You should always consider the return policies of the manufacturer/ sales outlet when looking for the best wide indoor soccer shoes. The return policies on the shoe can be in various forms as highlighted below:

  • Exchange only: The sales outlet or manufacturer can offer you a replacement for the unacceptable wide indoor soccer shoes. The replacement almost always has equivalent value with the returned pair.
  • Store credit: The store or manufacturer can offer you credit for the pair of wide indoor soccer shoes you have purchased. The credit is usually of the same value as the pair of soccer shoes you returned. The shipping cost is, however, not included most times.
  • All sales final: This is more or less an as-is policy and it is more in support of the manufacture or sales outlet than the customer.
  • Complete refund: The store/manufacturer returns your money once you indicate disinterest in the shoes after purchase. The store will also refund your processing fees if you made the purchase via a credit card.

Do not purchase wide indoor soccer shoes without asking about the manner of the return policy. You are better off with either the exchange only or a complete refund policy.

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There you have it: the best wide indoor soccer shoes around! The tips and guidance provided in this write-up may not be all-inclusive, but they can sufficiently guide you in your search for top-quality soccer boots that will fit your wide feet perfectly.


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