TOP 5 AG Soccer Cleats – For Artificial Grass

Are you looking for a new pair of AG soccer cleats to wear on artificial grass? We have a great list for you! I’m giving you the top five best AG soccer cleats. Artificial turf can be unforgiving in the way that it grabs cleats and can be hard. In rain, it can also get very slick and slippery.

Wearing the best AG boot is very, very important. This guide will help you find your perfect pair of turf shoes!

Quick Comparison of AG Soccer Cleats

1.   Nike HyperVenom III


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Now, the number one and the best AG soccer cleat plate out there in my opinion is the one we find on the Hypervenom III and the Magista because they are the same. And while this is similar to the one we find on the Mercurial, instead of the Chevron style studs, you get these three little tips.

They made me feel a little bit more connected to the ground when I was changing direction without it sticking at all. So, you get the sensation of it feeling like a traditional soccer cleat with a smooth movement.

And actually, it made me feel safe when I was playing which is basically everything that matters to me. Especially when I was playing on the newer 4G pitches. If you’re playing on an old worn-down 3G pitch, I would actually choose to get the Adidas X16+ instead. Also, a very very good sole, keep it in mind.

  • Best AG plate in the market
  • Feels like traditional FG soccer cleats
  • Durable and tough cleats
  • A little expensive
  • Better on 4G pitches

2.   Adidas X 16+ PureChaos


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Jumping into second place, we have the Adidas X16+ in AG. It has a shit ton of studs and they’re quite a bit lower. This means that you will get brought closer to the ground and that gives you pretty good stability.

It’s really comfortable and also, it evens out the pressure a lot more than in the Superfly (see below at number 3 in the list). And also because you have a lot of studs under the front footpad when you want to make those little directional changes, you’ll actually get pretty good responsiveness in this boot too. And it’s actually really cushioned.

It’s supportive and the only thing missing for me is on newer AG pitches that have slightly longer grass straws, I could have done with a little bit more grip.

But with that said, this is a very, very good AG boot. This is number two.

  • Perfect stability
  • Great responsiveness while changing directions
  • Really comfortable ag cleats
  • Low grip

3.   Nike Mercurial Superfly V


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In third place, we have the Superfly V AG. Here we see a lot of conical hollowed-out studs, and that’s because when you run on an AG pitch, it generates a lot of heat and heat is really abrasive. It wears down the steps and the boot a lot quicker.

Now, hollow studs tend to cool down a lot faster which is good for durability. So that’s a win but also, because of the shape on an AG pitch, it’s actually really comfortable.

You get good sticky-free maneuverability with its AG plate and because of the fact that the studs and the placement are so close to the FG version of the boot. It actually has a good traditional soccer cleat sensation as well.

So you get the benefits of the AG plate but with a less bulky sensation that you normally associate an AG plate with.

  • Hollowed-out studs increase durability
  • Comfortable ag boots
  •  Has a good traditional soccer cleat sensation
  • Tends to heat fast

4.   Puma evoPOWER Vigor


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Number 4 is Puma evoPOWER Vigor in AG and it’s equipped with a little protective strip on the front of the boot to give you better durability.

And actually, it seems to work pretty well.

Then it also has a lot of conical hollowed-out studs that I felt gave me a pretty good even pressure distribution. And also, I didn’t feel that I stuck too much in the ground when I was twisting and turning, and changing direction.

So in all fairness, it is a stable, comfortable, and well-performing soccer cleat with no-nonsense. It is a solid number four.

Here we have an in-depth review of the FG version of Vigor 1.

  • Protective strip increases durability
  • Conical hollowed-out studs provide even pressure distribution
  • AG plate allows moving free
  • No exceptional features, just solid AG soccer shoes

5.   Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl FG/AG


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Okay, so technically, the PureControl FG/AG shouldn’t be on the list. As a rule, everything that has to do with using FG boots on an AG pitch is a big flipping no-go. But I know that a lot of you guys out there are doing it nonetheless.

So, if you absolutely must, don’t but if you absolutely must use an FG boot on an artificial pitch, you should go for Adidas’s FG/AG soleplate under Purecontrol. And that is because you get the conical studs.

So you’ll stick less in the ground and you will also get a little more cushioning because of the boot’s insole.

Now, to be honest, every AG-specific soleplate ever made is going to be more suitable than this soccer cleat. But if you for some weird reason insist on using an FG boot, this is the least bad option.

  • Conical studs lets you stick less
  • Better cushioning than in AG cleats
  • Not an AG soccer boot

What is AG in Soccer Cleats?

AG in soccer cleats means that their soleplate is designed to perform best on artificial grass. Do not mistake them for turf shoes (Turf soccer shoes have even lower studs than AG cleats). AG soccer cleats have lower studs, so they don’t dig so much into artificial grass. And also AG plates have a lot more studs than FG plates. This allows you to feel more freely on the field and creates a really similar experience to being on the FG field.

What does AG Stand for in Soccer?

AG stands for Artificial Grass. The very best synthetic grass is aimed to replace natural grass and save some maintenance costs. AG is more durable and does not require so much maintenance as natural grass. That’s why artificial grass is usually used in training fields.


AG is a lot more abrasive surface than natural grass. It looks soft but whenever it is pressed it becomes hard. While natural grass breaks when pressed and stays soft. This means that if you fall, your body will suffer higher friction and you will get scraped or burned.

Differences Between AG and Turf Soccer Cleats

Some may say there are no differences but believe me these are different.

Artificial Grass Plate

Artificial Grass (AG) Soccer Cleats are ideal for modern 3G pitches. The cleats are designed to look and feel like a firm ground boot. They have low-profile and secondary hollow studs to keep them lightweight and help provide enhanced support in an outdoor field filled with rubber pellets. The pellets infiltrate the hollow studs and let the boots move without getting lodged in, even in wet conditions. Artificial Grass is gaining popularity fast as it is more sustainable and requires less maintenance. AG Soccer Cleats are designed for acceleration on artificial grass. Besides enhancing forefoot pressure, AG boots feature heel-plant dispersion pads that provide you with even stud pressure during play. They feature many short studs evenly distributed across the entire outsole. The concept behind this design is that every stud gets enough area to capture the surface without generating too much drag. The studs are short to provide better lateral support and are usually made of rubber to offer durability. By providing a higher level of stability through the increased grip and cushioning, AG Soccer Cleats reduces the opportunity of injury. AG boots should not be used on grass pitches. If you want the best movability on artificial grass pitches, you should definitely go for AG Soccer Cleats.

Turf (TF) Plate

Turf (TF) Soccer Cleats are ideal for indoor turf surfaces. They feature an exceptionally durable rubber outsole meant to generate traction on older synthetic turf pitches and flat indoor courts. They possess a lower profile fit and appear like lightweight sneakers, which provide the right amount of grip to produce comfort and effective traction on synthetic grass. Unlike AG boots that are meant for longer artificial grass, these boots have stud configurations designed to grip synthetic surfaces with shorter, slippery grass. TF boots have short rubber studs uniformly distributed across the entire outsole to cause uniform interaction between the boot and the surface. The raised patterns of studs are shorter than in AG boots so that they do not permeate the turf surface. Using AG boots on turf means that the long studs will not provide you with any traction. Likewise, Turf boots used on artificial grass would slip because the short studs would not provide support on the slippery grass. Turf boots’ studs are developed for standard grass pitches that have a firm structure. They perform best where cleats do not need to dig in. Keep in mind that misusing a stud pattern can result in severe and career-threatening injuries. Avoid the risks and wear boots built for the surface you spend most of your time on.

Can you Use FG on AG?

So, guys, you might ask me, why do I have to go and get a pair of AG soccer cleats when I have a perfectly fine pair of FG soccer cleats at home?

Well, I’ll tell you why.

Because FG boot studs are longer. That means that they will stick more in the ground so when you make fast changes of direction, your boots are going to stay and your body is going to move in different directions.

If you do the math, you can get some seriously nasty injuries from that. And also, because of the whole heat and abrasion thing I talked about earlier, when you use a pair of FG boots on an AG pitch, you lose the warranty. So that means that when your boots eventually break down and trust me, they will, you have to go and buy a new pair of FG boots. So why not save both your wallet and your body, and buy an AG pair from the beginning?

Quick Overview of Artificial Grass Soccer Shoes


Anyways, guys, that was my top 5 list of the best AG soccer cleats out there. Well, you can use FG cleats, but you know what I mean and as I’ve said, keep in mind that using FG cleats on artificial pitches is not only bad for your wallet but also really stupid from an injury point of view. Don’t do it, get yourself a pair of AG cleats instead. And if you’re looking for a pair, the above links to pretty good prices.

So, guys, which AG soccer cleats are you using? You should let me know in the comments section right down below.


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  1. Hypervenom FTW! Best cleats ever for AG pitch. I had once FG/AG type cleats, but never again. It’s just too painful and the performance drops really low. When can we see updated list? 2019 is on the way 🙂

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