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It’s like a Porsche. Looks old, but feels amazing!


For big-frame and wide-footed soccer players, finding proper shoes isn’t easy. Even more so if you require increased stability in the feet. And you’d really need to get the right shoe since otherwise, you’d lower your performance and run a risk of an injury.

Adidas Copa Mundial seems like a solution to this problem. And on our Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats review, we are going to help you find out whether they are the right option for you.

Things to consider before buying Copa Mundial soccer cleats

The Adidas Copa Mundial shoe is mainly designed for wide-footed players and those who need stability. In addition, it is a suitable option for those who like vintage-style shoes. However, if you value lightweight and traction most of all in soccer shoes, this shoe probably won’t be the right choice for you.

Overall, here are the key things to consider before making a decision:

  • What surface will you be playing on?
  • How important is shoe weight to you?
  • Is your foot profile wide or narrow?
  • What are your demands for maneuverability?

What is Adidas Copa Mundial?

The Adidas Copa Mundial shoe is the latest addition to the insanely popular Copa Mundial soccer shoe line which has been running since the 1970s. This shoe preserves the design choices of the classical Copa Mundial shoes and at the same time benefits from the technological advancements of past decades.

  • Premium leather feel.
  • Vintage design.
  • Wider fit.
  • The thin leather provides a soft and nuanced feel of the ball.
  • Uniform weight distribution over the sole.
  • Heavier than a typical modern soccer shoe.
  • Pretty wide and big. You may need to go one size down to get the right fit.
  • The laces are longer than necessary.
  • Not waterproof: may fill up with water in rain.

Features & benefits

Vintage leather build

adidas copa mundial leather upper

The first thing we and many other people love in the Adidas Copa Mundial soccer shoe is its design. Part of the classical Copa Mundial line, this shoe preserves in it the design of its predecessors. And this may bring up nostalgic memories in many people.

The leather upper of this shoe also makes it different from the majority of modern shoes. It imparts a more premium and expensive feel to it. And while the synthetics of modern shoes may be better when it comes to performance, they won’t compare with the feel of leather.

Aside from looks, the leather also impacts the performance of the Copa Mundial shoe quite a bit. The leather is thin and soft, which allows for a softer and more nuanced feel of the ball. And since the whole upper is made from the same leather, that feeling is going to be uniform across the shoe.

When it comes to lightness, modern soccer shoes are probably going to be better than Copa Mundial. This shoe feels a couple of ounces heavier than a typical modern shoe, which may be a big factor for players who need as much lightness as possible.

But if you don’t really mind playing in slightly heavier shoes, the increased weight shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Wide fit

The next important feature in this shoe is its wider fit. And this is going to be a really important thing for some. Wearing too wide or narrow shoes for your foot is going to be equally bad, and the wider fit of this shoe will most likely be great for players with wide feet.

This doesn’t mean that narrow-footed players won’t be able to enjoy the Copa Mundial shoe. They just may need to go 1 or 1-1/2 size down to get the right fit.

FG outsole & cushioned midsole

adidas copa mundial soleplate

The Adidas Copa Mundial shoe features an outsole designed for firm natural surfaces. The outsole has regular round studs that are going to be good overall on the field, but not as good for dribbling and quick maneuvering as bladed studs, as shown by research.

The round studs – as testified by the same research – also help distribute the weight more naturally. This is complemented by Adidas’ die-cut EVA midsole, which is again designed to evenly distribute pressure across the sole.

Social proof

One positive review may be unconvincing, but when a lot of people are praising a soccer shoe, you could be sure that it is indeed good.

This was the case with Adidas Copa Mundial as well. Our in-depth research showed that this shoe is highly favored for its comfort and feel. There also were some complaints about the things we mentioned above, but those aren’t critical for this shoe.

For example, user reviews on the Amazon product page and on Adidas’s website greatly testify to this.


Ultimate Soccer Guide


Puma evotouch 1

PUMA Men’s evoTouch 1 FG Soccer Cleats

Puma Evotouch 1 FG soccer shoe is a more modern leather shoe model. This shoe also has a narrower fit, as well as a comfy and supportive ankle sock.

So, if you have narrow feet and don’t really care about design, Puma Evotouch 1 FG may be a better pick.

Key differences:

  • Modern design.
  • Narrower fit.
  • Comfy ankle sock.

If Puma Evotouch 1 FG sounds more like the shoe you need, then make sure to check it out.

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Nike Men’s Magista Obra II FG

The higher-end Nike Magista Obra II features a lighter and more breathable leather & mesh construction. It also has a very different stud layout with semi-round studs combined with a couple of bladed studs, which should be better for dribbling and maneuvering.

Key differences:

  • Lighter and more breathable leather & mesh build.
  • Tall and supportive ankle sock.
  • Aggressive stud layout.

If you are looking for a lighter and more aggressive shoe, check out Nike Magista Obra II.

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Adidas Performance Mens X 16.3

Adidas Performance Men’s X 16.3 FG Soccer boots

Adidas X 16.3 FG shoe has a slightly less aggressive stud profile than Nike Magista Obra II. In addition, it is a cheaper shoe made from synthetic, which makes it better for those on a tighter budget.

Key differences:

  • Cheaper.
  • Synthetic build.
  • Narrower fit.
  • Slightly more aggressive stud layout.

So if the price is more important for you than feel and design, have a look at Adidas X 16.3 FG instead.

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Stability and the right fit are important in soccer shoes since they can impact not only your performance but also health.

Thanks to its balanced sole, the Copa Mundial shoe provides uniform and stable support for the feet. And it also has a wide and roomy build suitable for wide-footed players.

And let’s not forget about its gorgeous classical design!

In the end, if you found that Adidas Copa Mundial is the shoe you need, click here to check it out.



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