Top 3 Best Soccer Cleats for Midfielders

It is difficult to underestimate the power of choosing the right soccer cleats especially if you are a midfielder. Some of the world’s greatest maestros will tell you that the first requirement to having a good game is having good soccer cleats. Contrary to the popular myth that a player’s position does not matter when choosing the best soccer cleats, it turns out that this should be a significant factor of consideration when out to purchase soccer shoes. This article explains to you why we think so.

Best Soccer Cleats for Midfielders - Paul Pogba - Adidas Ace 17 Purecontrol

Top 3 Soccer Cleats for Midfielders

1. Adidas Ace 17+


2. Nike Mercurial

Vapor XI

3. Puma

evoPOWER Vigor 1

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Soccer Cleats for Midfielders?

The midfield position is one of the most important and critical one while playing soccer. Midfielders play a massive part in a game and may determine whether a team will lose or win the game. For this reason, it is essential to consider the factors below when out to purchase soccer cleats for midfielders:

1. Consider the Type of Studs

Best soccer cleats for midfielders

According to Daily Mail, they researched some of the best soccer midfielders to figure out the type of studs their cleats have. From the study, they figured out that most of the midfielders used cleats with studs that allowed them to grip the ground efficiently as well as enhancing faster movements. To describe the physicality of the studs, they are blade-like and somewhat sharper. This allows them to have good stability and provide the player with a comfortable landing after contesting for the ball in the air. However, it is important to note that the types of studs that you choose will depend on the weather that you are likely to play in most. Some studs work better in rainy conditions while others do better work in drier conditions.

2. The Material that Makes up the Upper Part of the Cleat

A midfielder requires a soccer cleat that has more cushioning as compared to any other player playing in a different position. The cushion allows them to control the ball with utmost ease and comfort. In some cases, the midfielders’ cleats must have 3D pass pads that help them minimize mistakes when passing the ball. While leather cleats are somewhat outdated, we cannot underestimate their worth because some top midfielders still prefer them today.

3. Lacing Style

As time passes, soccer cleat manufacturers continue to have ideas on how to improve their products, efficiency and convenience levels. For instance, Adidas recently unveiled the laceless soccer cleats. As we stand, these are by far the best soccer cleats for midfielders because of their ability to control the ball easily and pass it with perfection.

4. Consider the Sole Plate as Well

Any midfielder must have soccer cleats with sole plates that are flexible and light. This will enhance faster movements and quick passing of the ball. The sole plates of the cleats should always be light because all the pressure is absorbed by the upper part of the product anyway.

5. Check the Ankle Cut

We were used to midfielders having soccer cleats with low ankle cuts. However, in the recent times, several manufacturers have unveiled cleats that are not only laceless but also have high ankle cuts. These works best for midfielders who like to get into scoring conditions. However, for midfielders who like to lie deep, low ankle cut cleats is still the best option.

Which Soccer Cleats are Popular Among Today’s Best Midfielders?

Any soccer match is won or lost in the midfield. Midfielders are the most influential players in the game. Endurance level of a midfielder should be higher than the rest of the squad members. Thus, the type of soccer cleats you wear should always provide you with all what you need. Best soccer cleats for midfielders are:

1. Adidas Ace 17+ PURECONTROL


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2016 became a groundbreaking year for Adidas as the first lace-less Purecontrol made headlines. It wasn’t perfect and so Ace 17+ took over with a bit old-fashioned but very well put together update to compete with the best soccer shoes out there.

The construction of Ace 17+ is pretty much the same as in 16+. A new high-tech fit upper with an internal compression fit tongue holding your foot in place. The fit has changed a lot though. It’s tight and sits hauntingly close to your foot all over. But the Primeknit forefoot is still soft and pliable enough to make your toes be able to move and feel comfortable.

Best Cleats for midfielder - Adidas aAce 17 Purecontrol

Now the best bit is that the collar is more elasticated so it wraps the foot more tightly. It feels painted on compared to its predecessor. This extra tightness also means that you get a more locked-in feel than in the 16 +.

Size-wise – true to size is the way to go.

The soleplate hasn’t changed all that much and still offers a well-rounded performance with great maneuverability. The big trick of the new soccer cleat is the inclusion of boost on the insole. The boost is this springy bouncing material that supposed to give you a better, more shock-absorbing cushioning. It is pretty good on hard ground but isn’t fit enough to really make a big difference.

Under the ball, Adidas has Primeknit aiming to offer more grip from the NSG dots and friction from the rip 3D zones on the front. The Purecontrol cleats do something that no other soccer shoe does. There’s next to nothing when you strike the ball. Ace 17’s make the cleanest and fun striking experience I’ve ever had in a boot. It gets the balance between softness and precision just right. And makes it feel elegant and solid at the same time without being clumsy.

Even the Mona Lisa has flaws and the new Purecontrol is no different. It’s tight enough to be near impossible to get on and off at first but not enough to lock your foot in 100%. That is my biggest concern with the pure control because I need that extra bit of lockdown.

Second, the upper part of the heel is a little bit stiff and might give some people blisters but it is a small dent in a very good soccer cleat.

Ace 17+ does what it’s supposed to and all the changes might feel a bit insignificant. Adidas tweaked the fit with much more rounded experience and streamlined this rocket ship. Which makes the Ace 16 + like a pair of Crocs in comparison.

Due to great maneuverability and improved strike zone, these soccer cleats are one of the most popular among today’s best midfielders like Paul Pogba, Mesut Özil, Miralem Pjanić, Ivan Rakitič, Dele Alli and others.

  • Laceless technology provides more area for ball control.
  • Primeknit forefoot comfort toes.
  • The boosted insole provides better shock-absorbing.
  • Difficult to get in for the first time, needs break-in time.
  • May give some small blisters at first.

2. Nike Mercurial Vapor XI

Nike Mens Mercurial Vapor XI FG Best Soccer Cleat for Midfielder

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Mercurial Vapor XI are the best Nike soccer cleats for midfielders. They are made of synthetic leather that improves control. It also has a low toe box that helps in making long-distance passes as they assist you in getting the ball when making a strike. Perfect for fast switching of the play or giving through passes. Do you want to become a top-scorer midfielder in your league? Use Nike Mercurial Vapor XI as they will provide you with the urge to shoot when necessary. World-class midfielders like Isco, Willian, Luka Modric, Philippe Coutinho can’t be wrong.


These Mercurials are really light.  The Messi 16.1 are close, but the Vapor XI is an absolute winner here. This lightness is due to the extremely thin synthetic leather upper, and an improved 3D sole plate. That made the Vapor XI soccer cleats even lighter weight at only 5.8 Oz.


Vapor XI are one of the most narrow soccer shoes on the market. If you have a narrow foot – you must try these on. If people are saying they are true to size then they probably have really narrow feet. The width of the Mercurials are very similar to the Nike Tiempo Legend V. If you have wide feet, try going a half size bigger.


The Vapor XI insole is glued to the shoe. This actually surprised me, but in a good way. This Nike’s move improved lock down and prevented slipping while playing. Compared to the previous Vapor generation – the insole was really loose which resulted in slipping. Nike calls it “NIKE GRIP SYSTEM”. According to them – The Nike Grip System provides internal anti-slip traction, working with the fully integrated tongue to help secure your foot inside the boot while reducing distractions.


These soccer shoes are designed for passing, dribbling, and shooting. The upper is made out of premium synthetic leather for a better fit. And is covered, as they call it, with “Speed ribs”. These textured speed ribs create the friction you need to enhance ball manipulation. Nike added All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. It gives you precision control in wet and dry conditions. Nike’s ACC ensures the surface of the boot upper delivers consistent friction between boot and ball in wet weather conditions allowing the player an assured touch similar to the feel of the ball in dry conditions. Nike did their job amazingly, ball control is great with these cleats.

Sole plate – 3D SPEED PLATE

Mercurial Vapor XI is created for speed. The re-engineered, ultralight 3D Speed Plate fits your foot naturally for explosive speed. Precision-placed studs enable quick starts and stops. Firm-ground (FG) studs are designed to use on short-grass and do not loose performance on slightly wet pitches.

  • Glued insole prevents slipping.
  • No break-in time, good to go out of the box.
  • Really light soccer cleats.
  • Design for speed – fast starts and stops, direction changes.
  • Quite narrow, won’t be suitable for wide feet players.

3. Puma evoPOWER Vigor 1

PUMA Mens Evopower Vigor 1 FG Best Soccer Cleat for Midfielder

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EvoPower Vigor is made with accurate and powerful strike in mind. These boots utilize a new construction method on top of the old tech.

The EvoPower Vigor is built to allow your foot to move naturally. They enable you for a more powerful strike. Puma engineered upper from two pieces: a tight and elasticated spandex sock, covered by one way stretch adapLITE synthetic.

There’s basically no break-in time and the way the upper moves around your foot straight out of the box is unreal. Cut off adapLITE offers you a secure feel. The heel is blister-free and locks your foot reasonably well. That makes EvoPower one of the most distraction-less and comfortable soccer shoes in the market.

Vigor has also been equipped with dots of accuFOAM that are supposed to even out the uneven surfaces on your foot for a more accurate and powerful shot. Once the foot stretches, the accuFOAM pods will flatten out to cover as large of a surface area as you need.

The sole plate is a carbon copy of the evoPOWER 1.3 with a gradual shift and stiffness for mid to forward and has a secure grip when you plant your foot. Turning is cool but because of the flexible forefoot, you won’t feel like you have a rocket under your foot when accelerating.

There are some minor issues I’d like to be fixed. One thing is the width – it has a super wide midfoot which I’d love to be able to adjust a lot more. While I do love that freedom, I could have done with a lot more lockdown as well.

What you will get is a comfortable, seamless, adaptable, and top-performing soccer shoe. EvoPower Vigor doesn’t over complicate things and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. For a $200 that’s a lot of bang for the buck.

PUMA evoPOWER is best for players that want to use their passing and shooting strengths. These soccer shoes allow free movement and more powerful striking thanks to accuFOAM dots. Top midfielders like Cesc Fàbregas and Yaya Toure wear evoPower.

  • Covered by one way stretch adapLITE synthetic for a more accurate and powerful strike.
  • No break-in time, good to go out of the box.
  • Dots of accuFOAM on the upper improves striking.
  • Wide midfoot – suitable for wide foot players.
  • Super wide midfoot, not very suitable for narrow feet players.


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