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There is probably no one in the world who hasn’t heard about this game: Soccer/Football. Soccer has a massive fan base. There are thousands of young kids out there who wish to represent their nation at the international level and play for their favorite club team. Though it is important to have the willpower to succeed. It is equally important to have the proper gear.  

We are soccer fanatics and we love shoes. That means we love to play the “beautiful game” and we’re always checking out players’ soccer cleats. TopCleats was created because we want to help players find the perfect gear to play the game. On the site, you’ll find information for the best cleats over every kind: wide feet, cleats for kids, high top, with arch support or ankle support, and much more! 

Check out our Soccer Cleats Buying Guide to make sure you get the pair that is best for you. Also, check out our post if you’re looking for the most expensive cleats.

Plus, you’ll find information about soccer that will help you better understand the game as well as guides including how to maintain your maintain gear. 

We’re always updating our content, so make sure you keep coming back to learn more!

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